Monday, April 16, 2012

It is so time to get this vacation on the road

Every time we go somewhere, I think "why do I never remember how much work it is to get ready to go somewhere!"  Because it is.  Although less so now that the kids are older. I'm excited for our first trip without having to pack diapers.  And we would be stroller-less, but we are going to we walking oodles at Disneyland and they (or I) may need a rest now and then.

We're packed, except for the stuff the kids need tonight.

I've done six "one last load before vacation" loads of laundry.

Daniel's off picking up his parents.

The house is clean and organized. That particular thing is thanks to my dad who was physically incapable of leaving a messy house when going on vacation. It's actually a neurosis that I'm happy to have.  Daniel shares it, as well as the "we must unpack and be completely through the mail and caught up on everything within 30 minutes of arriving back home". You should see us. I am not exaggerating, we're just a blur of movement and recycling mail and throwing things in the laundry when we get home. Again, glad to not be the only crazy one in my marriage.

We've got a doctor's note for Ethan's misc. pump equipment and formula and medication for his newest feeding tube irritation. So hopefully security won't be too awful.

And I'm working on relaxing and remembering that Daniel's parents will not be able to move at the speed at which I would like to move, but it's more important that they have a good time with the grandkids and that everyone has good memories.  If we have a longer line at an attraction, that's okay. (I will be continuing to explain this to myself all day tomorrow on the plane and probably for the whole time we're at Disney as well. Yes, I have issues). 

Oh, and if you live nearby and want a good laugh, be at the parking lot around 7:30 AM tomorrow. We're going to fit 4 adults (fortunately two of them are very small adults) and 2 kids, 4 suitcases, 3 backpacks, a large purse and 2 strollers in a Mazda 5. Daniel claims it can be done.  We're going to look like a clown car when we disembark at the park and ride.  :)

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