Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Temporary insanity brought on by miserable weather

After I wrote yesterday's psycho post, I sulked around the condo for a while.  Then I started researching vacations to Southern California. Ethan's been asking about Disneyland a lot lately. Another thing I can blame on school, I think.  I know a bunch of his school friends have gone recently, and peer pressure starts young! Anyway, we'd been sort of keeping it out there as a family vacation idea. But the summer is filling up quickly, and it didn't really fit on the calendar.

Then I remembered that thing called Spring Break.  And so I started looking at Disneyland trips. Daniel was vaguely on board with the idea. Then I discovered (I'm really new to this Disney stuff) that 2 year olds get into Disneyland free.  Which means going on Spring Break rather than this summer after Vivian turns 2 will save us a bunch of  money. 

So then Daniel was completely on board and I spent the rest of the day glued to the computer looking at all the options.  Finally I found one that worked well for us and I was about to book it when Daniel looked at me and hesitantly said "what do you think. No wait. Maybe.... we could invite my parents?" To which I of course rolled my eyes and sighed deeply, but got myself together and agreed. And they're going!

I am actually glad Daniel suggested it. Yes, going places with his parents and the kids is much like herding cats.  They all tend to just wander a bit, and even going to Target together is usually an adventure requiring search parties to be sent out for one or more temporarily misplaced family member. So Disneyland should be interesting. But I know his parents will love seeing the kids happy and they really don't ever get to do anything fun with the kids or spend long stretches of time with them like my parents do.

So I have sunshine in my future to get me through the horrifically dismal weather that we're having in Seattle this week. Hurray!

Oh, and did I mention that I'm flying with the kids to Virginia at the end of May? Alone? And yesterday the airline changed my flight so now I have 35 minutes to haul two kids across a large airport to a connecting flight? I'm praying really hard that they change the flight times again, because that's just not happening.

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Lizzie said...

Hooray sun! I can't wait to hear about this trip too. Actually I think you just joined the Jet Set crowd...