Monday, March 26, 2012


I hate to admit it, but my kids sleep late. There are many mornings that I don't hear from Ethan until 9:30, and Vivian will generally sleep until I wake up (since we co-sleep).  Daniel works from home in the morning and is monopolizing the computer, so there's no real reason for me to get up early most mornings.

This morning though, I was up by 5, so that I could meet my neighbor at 6 to head out for a run.  She and I have both been trying to run on our own, but finally admitted that it's too easy to make excuses on our own and so we've joined forces. And since she's a working mom, early mornings are where it's at for exercise.

So today I was done with exercise and showered by 7:15 AM. Which is totally not me. And since Daniel was on the computer, I got a bunch of other stuff done before 8:30.  The productivity is confusing me.  And now I kind of need a nap, but it's nice to get so much stuff checked off the day's to-do list!

We spent this weekend in Canada visiting Daniel's parents. Or rather the kids did.  I spent most of the weekend trying to fix their computer.  Running virus scans, updating, cleaning the disk.  The only bad thing about that was that they had no idea what I was doing and I'm pretty sure they thought I spent the whole weekend playing online and ignoring them.  But they had the kids to entertain them, so that's what really matters.

And Daniel and I were able to go out for a lovely dinner at a great Greek restaurant near his parents' home, which was much fun. I love free babysitters!

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