Thursday, March 15, 2012

Iceland, day 4

I decided to finally wrap up my Iceland trip recap, mainly  because I'd like to mentally (if not physically) be somewhere with better weather. And the weather in Iceland was definitely better than the nastiness that we're having this week in Seattle. 

Anyway- Saturday was day 4 of our trip.  We woke up early, loaded up our bags and checked out of the hotel, then went to wait in the lobby with all the other people that we'd been seeing off and on all week. That was kind of the weird thing about this trip- since it was through IcelandAir, it was a hotel/flight/excursion package. So we saw the same people over and over whenever we participated in a group activity.  Kind of like what I imagine it's like on a cruise. 

We all loaded up the gigantic bus and were off to our much-anticipated trip to the Blue Lagoon! We originally weren't sure if we were going to do this, but then we decided to add it on, since the last day of our trip was also our 6th anniversary and we wanted to do something fun and romantic before spending hours on the plane.

The scenery on the way to the Blue Lagoon was very pretty- snow on the lava made for quite a contrast.

The Blue Lagoon was breathtakingly beautiful! After figuring out the fancy bracelets that controlled our lockers, we changed into bathing suits and ran through the freezing air into the lovely hot spring. And hot it was! It was so neat to float around in the warm or hot water and just relax after a busy week. A perfect anniversary spot.

After several hours of floating and a lovely snack, it was back on the bus and time to head home to the kids! The plane trip home about drove me insane, as I had watched all the interesting movies on the way there and I was tired of all of my games and it was just time to be home. 

But finally we were back and through customs and back to our munchkins. Who hadn't seem to notice we were gone, thanks to great childcare by my parents.  My parents left soon after we arrived and apparently went to bed at 8:30 that night :) 

Seriously, if you ever get a chance to go to Iceland- go. It's a gorgeous country with super-friendly people. Everything is modern and really efficient.  Food is expensive, but everything else was pretty reasonably priced. And since they accept credit cards absolutely everywhere, we didn't even ever see the Icelandic currency. We'd definitely like to go back when the kids are older and see more of the country. Well worth the trip.

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