Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The horror!

Fair warning- this story is about poop.

So, I'm discovering how very very very lucky I was to have a kid with sensory issues, at least in the area of potty training.  One of his big things is avoiding messes. He's a very tidy kid.  Never was a messy eater (back when he did eat) or anything like that. And definitely no messes when potty-training.

It's dangerous to have a kid like that first, because it gives you certain expectations about the second child.

Potty-training Vivian is actually going smashingly well.  She's responding exactly as I suspected she would- whole-heartedly embracing the peeing for chocolate candy and big girl underwear. She doesn't even like to wear diapers at night. And she's been staying dry at naptime and bedtime, but since we co-sleep, I'm going to continue making her wear a diaper for a while.

Before you hate me, let me tell you what happened today.  Vivian hadn't pooped yet this week, so that was the goal for today.  I put both kids on the potties and appealed to their insanely competitive nature and they were having a pooping competition. Ethan won easily and went off to play the Leap Pad, which motivated Vivian more.  It was taking a long time though, so I wandered off to play on Facebook in the other room, assuming that Vivian would inform me when she was done, as she has been doing with the peeing.

You know how cats like to bring their prizes to the door when they catch a small animal (or in the case of my cats, a piece of lint) and expect praise? I was getting up from the computer desk and walking into the other room, when Vivian came running across the living room toward me.  HOLDING POOP cradled in her hands. Having no idea how to respond, I took it from her and we rushed off to the bathroom to clean up our hands. And most of Vivian's legs. And the potty, although that was the cleanest thing of all.  Then I tried to give her a bath, but more hidden poop that I'd missed in the wiping of her legs ended up floating around the bath.  My bathtub.  The one where I like to take a break from the kids in the evening by taking a hot bath every now and then.

This does however earn me giant sympathy points from my husband, and I do have a birthday in three weeks, so there's that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go disinfect my bathroom. Again.

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Andrea said...

LMAO....that's hilarious.

Megan has always been a paint pooper. For as good and easy as Emma was, Megan is the exact opposite.