Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Definitely a memorable birthday

I survived turning 35. Someone asked me last night if they were lots older because they were 37, and I said no. I think it's because you often hear classifications like "people under 35 voted for such-and-such candidate" or "those over 35 think this way".  Maybe I'm making that up, but it's my birthday and I can be crazy if I want to.

Today started with Ethan throwing up everywhere. Which is such a common occurrence that I just ask him to tell me when he's done vomiting and then I gather the bedding and wash it. He gets fed through his feeding tube at night and sometimes if there's air in the bag or we start it too late or something else random happens- vomiting.

Then he got out of bed and collapsed into a heap, telling me that his elbow hurt. Turns out he meant his knee, and he proceeded to not be able to stand all morning. Finally I got an appointment at our doctor and Daniel came home early so that I could have the car and we went off to be told that the doctor wasn't completely sure, but he (and another doctor in the practice) thinks it's this weird thing where a virus inflames a joint (usually hip, sometimes knee) and you just have to wait it out and dose with painkillers.  So I have a kid who can't walk, but is otherwise 100% fine and hopefully all will be well in a few days (apparently that's how long this usually takes to resolve).

I told Daniel tonight that I wish Ethan could start trying to focus on getting normal sicknesses, rather than suffering from a sensory disorder that still doesn't officially exist in the diagnostic manuals and a misplaced virus that it took two doctors at our practice to diagnose.

My parents called to wish me a happy birthday today and my mom said she wasn't entirely surprised that Ethan got sick today. He has a tendency to get massively sick on our anniversary and on other special occasions. So it really was right on schedule.

Thankfully my birthday ended with pizza and drinks and cake.  So I still consider it a success.

Oh, and did I mention that I started working again yesterday?  I so did not expect it to feel so good.  It's nice to be doing something I'm really good at again. And getting paid for it.  And as a side benefit, I no longer want to shop, because I think of everything in terms of how many hours of my job that it takes to pay for it and how much hassle it is to simultaneously work and entertain my kids while I make that amount of money :) So this is a win-win.


Alissabeth said...

Happy Birthday lady!! I'm sorry it wasn't memorable for less vomitous reasons.

Shalini said...

Oh, happy birthday! And argh, vomiting kid on birthday, not so great.