Friday, March 30, 2012

"Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative..."

Do you all know that song? I don't even remember the other lines, but have had that line "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" in my head all morning.

It's been a really rough week.  I found out last night that my grandmother has skin cancer- not an aggressive kind, and they anticipate treating it easily, but it's still stressing me a bit.

And Ethan still can't walk.  It's breaking my heart, watching him crawl around everywhere. He's had such a good attitude- I can't imagine being that cheerful if I just woke up one day and my leg didn't work.

Daniel's been working crazy long hours and he finally admitted yesterday that it probably wont let up anytime soon.  And tomorrow at 6:30AM he leaves for our church's men's retreat. I really want him to go to that, since it's so encouraging and good for him, but it's kind of rotten timing. Especially since Ethan can't walk


Going back to work this week has been such an emotional and mental boost. Oh, and a financial boost as well, so we'll be able to pay for tumbling classes and day camps for the kids this summer.

And turning 35 wasn't too awful and I got a lot of sweet cards from my family members. And cake. And some insanely delicious pizza.

And Vivian slept in her own bed all night on two different occasions this week, but still came in our room in the morning for a snuggle, so that was a win-win. 

And I'm reminded how lucky I am to have kids that normally can walk and run and that this is a temporary thing. Hats off to parents who deal with physically handicapped kids on a regular basis. I am in awe.

If Daniel's gone all weekend, I don't have to cook dinner for us and can live on boxed mac and cheese if I want to :)

I think I might make it through today after all.


Maggie said...

I would love to belatedly celebrate the 35 somehow. This week was so horrible, but maybe next week (or Spring Break after that HOLD MEEEEEE) or maybe (gasp) WITHOUT CHILDREN!!!

confused homemaker said...

I hope the negative gets way better soon & the positive keeps on going! And happy birthday!

And yes I remember that song, every single word. We sang it in my elementary school spring concert one year. So I not only remember every single word but the hand motions we did with it. In fact, I drive my kids a little nuts by singing itI {with hand motions} on occasion :-)