Friday, February 10, 2012

Trying to keep the TV watching time to under 12 hours today

My parents arrive on Tuesday. Hurray! I find that 3-4 adults to 2 kids is a much more manageable ratio than this whole silly one mommy and two kids thing :) My parents are great to have around- they have a wonderful balance of spoiling the kids and still keeping up with discipline. Oh, and my mom is a librarian and will happily read the kids books for hours, while my dad loves playing games with the kids. It's pretty fabulous.

So, on Tuesday, a friend was supposed to come over, and then her daughter woke up sick (boo!) and she didn't want to get us sick, so we canceled the playdate. And I (stupidly) thought "yeah, it's good that she's not going to expose us to germs, because the kids haven't been sick in a whole week or two". Of course, you all know that thinking such a thing is pretty much the same thing as opening the door and saying "welcome germs, welcome!"  It's Friday and the kids are both full on sick with colds.  And are still full of energy, so it should be an interesting day.

Ethan's feeding tube infection is responding to the antibiotics again, and we're praying that the infection gets totally knocked out this time and doesn't recur again in another two weeks.  His GI doc did replace the tube yesterday, so hopefully that will help. Poor kid is so phobic of lying down on exam tables at doctors' offices after all the surgeries and procedures he's had. He just doesn't know what's going to happen and doesn't understand what's going on. Yesterday's tube change was really short and he didn't even notice, since he was playing on the iPod, so that was good. 

I really need to get off the computer and go work on disinfecting my entire house.  Oh, and entertaining the little germ transport units.  Sick day activities commence!

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