Sunday, February 5, 2012

Putting my brain back in to hibernation

I love my kids and being a mom, but I have to admit- there aren't many situations in my stay-at-home mom life that offer proof that my brain still works. Which is why I'm so shocked and so thrilled that I did well on the GRE.  I SURVIVED THE GRE AND EVEN DID WELL!!!!! 

The test was hideous.  Three and a half hours of staring at a computer screen and trying to force my brain to remember what I've studied. Given that I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD, that's a lot. And at the end of the test, I got my scores for the majority of the test (essays graded separately), but in my studying, I had neglected to pay any attention to what a good score was, so it was a long, long drive home. And a long wait while I booted up the computer. And then much happiness! And pizza! And drinks!

Still recovering from that last part of the day :)

It's been such a weird experience so far, this whole applying to grad school thing. With so, so, so many encouragements and signs that this is what I am really supposed to be doing. And now I just wait for the fall and classes to start. I'm beyond nervous about that, as I am still a mom and a wife with all the responsibilities that those job title include. But God's gotten me this far, and I'm pretty sure He will help me when classes start too :)

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm not even sure we're going to watch the game. Ethan would want to watch, if he knew about it, but Daniel and I are far less interested in watching football. It's still so weird to me to be married to a man who could not care less about watching televised sports. But I am definitely not complaining.

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