Saturday, February 18, 2012

In which I realize that I am going on vacation in three days and am totally unprepared

Somehow, in the excitement of my parents' arrival and all the loveliness of having extra people around to entertain the kids, this past week totally slipped away from me. And last night I was lying in bed, and it dawned on me that it was Friday night and we leave Tuesday at noon for the airport and I have done virtually nothing to get myself ready. And I also have to get the kids' stuff organized for my parents, since they are going to Portland while we're gone. 

I am dealing with this unpreparedness by going to IKEA today. Which, of course, is totally wonderful for entertainment value for the family but useless for preparing for vacation.

I was just reading a post by my friend Maggie, and I laughed, because she posted a link to an article about Jeremy Lin, and after the twitching stopped, I went to read the article and really enjoyed it. I should explain- the twitching is because my dad is a gigantic, enormous fan of all sports and is always watching a game on TV or on his computer or checking scores on his phone. And this week, it's been all Jeremy Lin, all the time in conversation. He's even trained Ethan to run around shouting "Jeremy Lin!" So I, not being a particularly enthusiastic sports fan, am getting a little sick of hearing about him. I think he's great and all, but I'm just tired of hearing his name.  Still, the article is great, and I'm glad that the stereotype of Asian men is being talked about and hopefully debunked.  I, obviously, have known that Asian men are manly and sexy for a long time :)

On a related note, yesterday at a Children's Museum, Vivian and I were playing with blocks when another parent looked over and said "Is it okay to ask if she's adopted?" I said no, that she was just mixed Chinese-Caucasian and kind of laughed to myself. Personally, I do not get offended by this at all, since I know how strongly Vivian is taking after Daniel's side of the family. The other amusing thing was that we were sitting in a part of the museum with a bunch of other kids nearby, and almost all of them were also Asian/Caucasian children.

Okay- off to do something slightly productive now. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Healthy Branscoms said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip! :) Travel safe!