Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slowly returning to normal

We got back from Iceland on Saturday night. Had an AMAZING time, and I will blog about it with pictures, for those of you who aren't my friends on Facebook. Because I know those of you who are are probably sick of hearing about it by now :)

The kids had a great time with my parents while we were gone and everyone managed fine without us and we managed without the kids, although it was great to get home to them.

Unfortunately, I managed to get an ear infection thanks to flying with a cold and then getting my ears wet too many times (I am horribly prone to ear infections). That plus jet lag has pretty much laid me out since Saturday. Daniel's doing a bit better, but not much. Oh, and Ethan's feeding tube infection is back for the third time. Vivian's healthy though, so there's that.

Happy Leap Day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In which I realize that I am going on vacation in three days and am totally unprepared

Somehow, in the excitement of my parents' arrival and all the loveliness of having extra people around to entertain the kids, this past week totally slipped away from me. And last night I was lying in bed, and it dawned on me that it was Friday night and we leave Tuesday at noon for the airport and I have done virtually nothing to get myself ready. And I also have to get the kids' stuff organized for my parents, since they are going to Portland while we're gone. 

I am dealing with this unpreparedness by going to IKEA today. Which, of course, is totally wonderful for entertainment value for the family but useless for preparing for vacation.

I was just reading a post by my friend Maggie, and I laughed, because she posted a link to an article about Jeremy Lin, and after the twitching stopped, I went to read the article and really enjoyed it. I should explain- the twitching is because my dad is a gigantic, enormous fan of all sports and is always watching a game on TV or on his computer or checking scores on his phone. And this week, it's been all Jeremy Lin, all the time in conversation. He's even trained Ethan to run around shouting "Jeremy Lin!" So I, not being a particularly enthusiastic sports fan, am getting a little sick of hearing about him. I think he's great and all, but I'm just tired of hearing his name.  Still, the article is great, and I'm glad that the stereotype of Asian men is being talked about and hopefully debunked.  I, obviously, have known that Asian men are manly and sexy for a long time :)

On a related note, yesterday at a Children's Museum, Vivian and I were playing with blocks when another parent looked over and said "Is it okay to ask if she's adopted?" I said no, that she was just mixed Chinese-Caucasian and kind of laughed to myself. Personally, I do not get offended by this at all, since I know how strongly Vivian is taking after Daniel's side of the family. The other amusing thing was that we were sitting in a part of the museum with a bunch of other kids nearby, and almost all of them were also Asian/Caucasian children.

Okay- off to do something slightly productive now. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trying to keep the TV watching time to under 12 hours today

My parents arrive on Tuesday. Hurray! I find that 3-4 adults to 2 kids is a much more manageable ratio than this whole silly one mommy and two kids thing :) My parents are great to have around- they have a wonderful balance of spoiling the kids and still keeping up with discipline. Oh, and my mom is a librarian and will happily read the kids books for hours, while my dad loves playing games with the kids. It's pretty fabulous.

So, on Tuesday, a friend was supposed to come over, and then her daughter woke up sick (boo!) and she didn't want to get us sick, so we canceled the playdate. And I (stupidly) thought "yeah, it's good that she's not going to expose us to germs, because the kids haven't been sick in a whole week or two". Of course, you all know that thinking such a thing is pretty much the same thing as opening the door and saying "welcome germs, welcome!"  It's Friday and the kids are both full on sick with colds.  And are still full of energy, so it should be an interesting day.

Ethan's feeding tube infection is responding to the antibiotics again, and we're praying that the infection gets totally knocked out this time and doesn't recur again in another two weeks.  His GI doc did replace the tube yesterday, so hopefully that will help. Poor kid is so phobic of lying down on exam tables at doctors' offices after all the surgeries and procedures he's had. He just doesn't know what's going to happen and doesn't understand what's going on. Yesterday's tube change was really short and he didn't even notice, since he was playing on the iPod, so that was good. 

I really need to get off the computer and go work on disinfecting my entire house.  Oh, and entertaining the little germ transport units.  Sick day activities commence!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Damn germs

Last night at about 4 AM, I woke up to the sound of Ethan crying in his room and saying "mommy, my tube hurts!" over and over.  This may be the first time Ethan has ever directly complained about something hurting. He has a really high pain tolerance and with all his sensory issues, he doesn't usually seem to feel pain.

He rolled over and went back to sleep, but by this morning he was running a fever and the feeding tube infection is definitely back. Two days after a 10-day round of antibiotics for the last feeding tube infection.

I am not one to get upset about medical issues. We just have too many around here these days for me to approach them with anything but resignation. But today I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit scared.  I'm a big believer in taking medication to fix something, and to have the infection come back so fast is not good.

Oh, and Daniel and I are supposed to be leaving for our trip in 13 days, which means if another round of antibiotics doesn't work, my parents will have to deal with this. And they themselves were going to be out of town with the kids while we are gone.  Not as upset about this as just the infection in general, but it's not helping my stress this morning.

I know God is in control, but boy am I tired of taking Ethan to the doctor. I just want him to get better already.

Monday, February 6, 2012


We have pretty much the same conversation with Ethan almost every day.  Ethan asks us to play with him. Something like baseball or soccer.  We comment that we are busy (not always, I do play with them a lot, as does Daniel, but sometimes we have to be grownups), but note that Vivian is standing next to him, asking him to play.  He throws a fit, says he doesn't want to play with Vivian and cries that we are not being nice. I generally make a comment along the lines of "that's the reason there are two of you, so that you will each have someone to play with."

I am seeing things start to change though, as it finally dawns on Ethan that he can play games with Vivian that Mommy is not good at or is not willing to play.  Case in point. This morning he grabbed three pairs of socks from the unfolded laundry on the couch, put them on, and declared that he was skating. Then he ran in circles around the living room (which is carpeted, so he wasn't even sliding).  Vivian thought this looked like a brilliant idea, so she immediately did the same.  And they laughed and played "skating" for quite a while, before moving on to the equally exciting game of "try to fit Mommy's shoes into a small styrofoam container that's sitting in the hallway!" Which also brought on great amounts of preschooler laughter.

I'm discovering in general that if I leave them to their own devices for 15 or 20 minutes, they generally come up with some sort of creative game to play.  And no matter what Ethan suggests, Vivian is happy to follow along. I spend a lot of time being glad that he's the cautious one and is scared of things. Otherwise I'm pretty sure he'd be trying to get her to climb bookcases with him (the bookcases and tall things are all fastened to the wall, since we live in earthquake territory. But still.)

This is a trend I can embrace. I'm so much better at being a mom when I get a few minutes break from being climbed on or forced to play Candyland. Which brings up the question- "why are all kids' games so unbelievably annoying?"  So glad that the grandparents show up next week. Grandparents HAVE to say yes to kids when they want to play Candyland endlessly. I think it's a law. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Putting my brain back in to hibernation

I love my kids and being a mom, but I have to admit- there aren't many situations in my stay-at-home mom life that offer proof that my brain still works. Which is why I'm so shocked and so thrilled that I did well on the GRE.  I SURVIVED THE GRE AND EVEN DID WELL!!!!! 

The test was hideous.  Three and a half hours of staring at a computer screen and trying to force my brain to remember what I've studied. Given that I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD, that's a lot. And at the end of the test, I got my scores for the majority of the test (essays graded separately), but in my studying, I had neglected to pay any attention to what a good score was, so it was a long, long drive home. And a long wait while I booted up the computer. And then much happiness! And pizza! And drinks!

Still recovering from that last part of the day :)

It's been such a weird experience so far, this whole applying to grad school thing. With so, so, so many encouragements and signs that this is what I am really supposed to be doing. And now I just wait for the fall and classes to start. I'm beyond nervous about that, as I am still a mom and a wife with all the responsibilities that those job title include. But God's gotten me this far, and I'm pretty sure He will help me when classes start too :)

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm not even sure we're going to watch the game. Ethan would want to watch, if he knew about it, but Daniel and I are far less interested in watching football. It's still so weird to me to be married to a man who could not care less about watching televised sports. But I am definitely not complaining.