Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Why is there a bicycle in your shower?"

"Why is there a bicycle in the shower?"  This question was posed to me last Sunday, by my best friend's fiance.  He's been to our condo before, but apparently not to the guest bathroom.  Or he just didn't notice the bicycle in the shower on that occasion.  Yes, we store the bicycle in the shower, along with the steam mops, Vivian's stroller, and the outflow piping for our portable air conditioner.  As we assured him, we do actually have another shower, so it's not like it's a major thing. 

We had to explain that 1) we have no storage and 2) in the city, you just have to make things work.  Even if it means using unconventional areas for storage.

This weekend we made great strides to improving storage here by rearranging the weird space in our guest bathroom. It's a long (almost 4 feet), narrow (14 inches or so), alcove right next to the toilet in the guest bathroom. We've been here almost 6 years (wow!) and for most of that time, we had a shelving unit that fit the width, but didn't go very deep. So we had three feet of wasted and inaccessible space behind the shelving unit. And anything we stored on the shelving unit got dirty, because it was near the cats' litter boxes.

Last week, while trapped at home, I made Daniel help me pull out the shelving unit, which we then cleaned and moved to our bedroom closet. And yesterday we bought shelves at IKEA and a panel to cover the opening to the space. So now we have what's essentially a new closet! I can store things! And get to them! And they won't get all dirty!

Things that make a city girl happy, right?

Other things making me happy today- the fact that Ethan is going to school tomorrow and Daniel is going to work.  Of course Ethan has an inservice day on Tuesday (weeping), which is too soon after his surprise 10 days at home. But after this we have a whole three weeks or something until mid-winter break. Seriously, we never can get into a routine and stay there around here....

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