Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday ups and downs

This morning I rolled over in bed, after many kicks in the face from Vivian (who actually didn't get into our bed until 7:30 AM, hurray!), picked up my iPod (yes, I'm that addicted to email and Facebook) and checked my messages. And popped out of bed in happiness, when I saw a message from the grad school that I applied to, letting me know I've been accepted for Fall 2012.

I think I made it about 20 minutes before I started freaking out a little. Then I went to overwhelmed with love for my husband.  This program is going to take 1) my time and 2) his money.  And he is nothing but 100% supportive. I can guarantee he will never complain about watching the kids or cost of tuition or things not getting done at home. I am so blessed.

And then the morning continued, and I realized that Ethan's "cold symptoms" weren't actually cold symptoms. And that they were actually infection of his g-tube (feeding tube) symptoms.  So I spent the next while on Skype with Daniel and calling Children's and his primary care doctor.  And everyone agreed that he needed to be seen.

Then I had to break the news to Ethan that, instead of going to school, he had to go to the doctor. Again. Poor kid has been through so much these past two years and justifiably is nervous about doctors and nurses. Fortunately, everyone pretty much knew what was going on based on his symptoms and his appointment was really minor, and we were soon on our way home with an antibiotic prescription.

Tonight I asked Daniel what we would do, if a day like today had happened while I was on a deadline for classwork or a test or paper, and he immediately said "I would just take a day off work, of course." Seriously, how did I end up married to someone like that? I do NOT deserve him. 

This has been a tough month so far, with lots of germs and disruptions of our routines, but also with SO many reminders of how much I'm blessed. I have an amazing husband. And I have kids who remind me to stop and pray when things are hard.  On three different occasions today, Ethan and Vivian were the ones who said "Mommy, can we say a prayer now?"  I was ashamed that it didn't occur to me, but blessed to have kids who knew that was the right choice.

Now seriously, everyone needs to get well and go to school/work tomorrow.  SERIOUSLY.

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