Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day Whatever

I'm over this whole snow thing.  That's how we work here. We get all excited and hope for actual snow. Then it arrives and we play in it and then we sit around and wish for it to go away.

There has been much mocking of Seattle on the news for our reaction to snow. Again, Seattle is as hilly (or hillier can't remember which) than San Francisco.  And most of us don't own snow tires or chains, because it only snows on one or two days per year and we just stay home. And, since it's such a technology-centered city, most people can work from home, so they do.  And it wasn't a "dusting", as some news sites apparently reported. We have 4 inches in the city (which is really unusual, thanks to the water being close, which warms up the city) and apparently 20+ inches in areas south of here. Yes, we do all go a little crazy and act like kids and squeal about the snow and all, but it's semi-justified :)

Off my soap box now.

So, Ethan's home from school today and Daniel's working from home. I just kicked him off the computer to write some review blog posts and now am refusing to relinquish it until I get to whine here on this blog.  Ethan's always off school on Fridays, so his three-day weekend turned into a 10-day weekend.  I keep mentioning on Facebook that I'm running out of ways to stay entertained, and people keep sending ideas for the kids.

The kids are not the problem. I am the problem. I don't do "relaxation" or down time. I am in constant motion, almost all the time. So when I'm homebound and our one computer is being hogged by my beloved (who keeps mentioning his "job" and the "mortgage" and my "Target credit card bill" as excuses for why he gets the computer and not me), then I need SOMETHING TO DO. The kids are fine. The kids have lots of toys. They have lots of books.  Yes, they want my attention all the time, but I've discovered that, if I ignore them for 20 minutes or so, they eventually come up with some sort of imaginary play together.   No, I'm the one who needs ideas.  And I've been home a lot lately, so I've gone through most of my projects. And we need to get out to IKEA to get supplies for the big project I'm planning next.

So now I need to give up the computer (weep) and go find a cupboard somewhere to reorganize.  Excitement in the snow!

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