Monday, January 16, 2012

Our first official snow day

It snowed this weekend in Seattle. We have MAJOR hills and cars and buses that are not equipped, so this means, as always, that we all freaked out.  I offer you photographic proof:

At church, playing in the snow

A little surprised by the 10 mile drive from church to home

Normally, this would be a great view of the Seattle skyline

View from our home

The snow was, of course, gone by about two hours later. My best friend and I attended a local bridal show, and then we all went out to dinner at the fabulous new pizza restaurant that has happily shown up a block away and which I kind of want to marry. 

Today Daniel claimed he was going to work from home, but then the weather was fine and the roads were fine and the long-range forecast was bad, so he went to work.  And I entertained the kids for the first half of the day and then started thinking re-organization thoughts and poor Daniel came home to lots of mess. But then he again proved himself to be amazing and sorted out old clothes and helped me move shelving and I now, once again and as always, think he is beyond amazing. 

Ethan is off school tomorrow, and the big storm isn't even due until Wednesday, which means I possibly have AN ENTIRE WEEK!!!! with these little people and perhaps even my husband, Mr. Annoyingly Perfect! underfoot. If you live nearby, let's make a plan to meet up at the local coffee/bar/mall/liquor store soon. I might not survive otherwise.

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Andrea said...

I am laughing so loud at your "lets meet up at the local mall/coffee shop/liquor store. Gah, I love you. :-D