Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Night Before Children's Hospital

I have blogged this exact same thing on several occasions now- so you are all free to roll your eyes and think "of course you're stressed and unhappy!".  But I always, always forget.  Daniel and I feel so enormously blessed to live here in Seattle and to be within driving distance of Seattle Children's Hospital. There Ethan has gotten great care, great therapy, and great love.  His Occupational Therapist at Seattle Children's was the first one to put things together and do the tests that diagnosed him with his condition. There he has gotten great care through the therapy, the NG tube, other tests and his G tubes.

But it is still so hard to drive there and go in and see all the other families. We spend all our time being grateful for the relative non-severity of Ethan's issues. Yes, our kid has a feeding tube and is developmentally delayed and doesn't eat, but compared to what we see around us- NO BIG DEAL.

Tomorrow I'm actually checking Ethan in and then am leaving Daniel to deal with Ethan's recovery while I take Vivian 2 blocks away to have her tested for food allergies. She's been showing alarming signs of food allergies lately, but if the tests come up positive, I may lose my mind. One kid per family with food issues, please!

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