Thursday, January 5, 2012

In which I realize that I am going to have to learn to adjust my priorities

I have spent the past week holed up in my house, either doing laundry or studying for the GRE. I'm taking it on 2/4, and suddenly it all has gotten very real. And I'm frustrated, because my brain is completely refusing to remember what I study every day, and I don't feel like I'm making any progress. Not to mention that my study time is limited to the time when Vivian is napping (hopefully), and I am nevesure exactly how long I'm going to have to study. Which usually means I'm in the middle of something when she wakes up and then I get snappy and stressed because I just want to finish what I'm in the middle of. 

Yeah, not the mother of the year here.  This is actually why I had to quit work in the first place, because I don't know how to leave things to deal with them later. I'm very much a "don't relax until everything is done" person. As is Daniel. Not a good thing for our marriage sometimes.

On top of the needing to study, there's the fact that it means that review posts aren't getting written and my house is not completely clean.  Which makes me nuts.

I should explain my craziness about the house being clean.  Another insanity that my husband shares. Both Daniel and I are children of people who grew up really, really, really poor.  Not just "watching their pennies" poor, but living in a condemned house poor and such.  Which in both our cases translated to a parent who really cared about keeping things nice and neat, because they had to work so hard for what they had.  And in both our cases, it also translated into two people who are unable to function if things are not put away.  And Daniel by no means expects me to do all this cleaning and is always happy to help, but as the stay-at-home parent I've gotten used to it being my job, because I am home and he works really long hours, and it just makes sense for me to take care of things here.

So suddenly I'm trying to study, clean, organize and blog, all in a brief period of time. 

Daniel and I have been talking a lot about this, and we know we both need to make some adjustments, because, although the GRE will be done soon (thank goodness), starting this fall I will hopefully be in school again and that's going to require lots of time on my part. I'm so blessed to have a husband who is supportive in this, but I need to figure out what this is going to mean for the cleanliness of our house and such. 

Now, does anyone have a brain that remembers all the silly algebra and geometry rules that they can loan me for the next month? Am dying here...

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Elisa said...


While I can't help you keep your house clean, I do have some practical help for dealing with the GRE quantitative section. While of course you'll need to review middle- and high-school math, your logical thinking skills are even more valuable for success on this test.

I wrote a blog post making this point that I think you'll find helpful:

Also, here's a link to some really practical approaches to Quantitative Comparison problems:

Best of luck on your GRE and in getting into grad school!

Kaplan GRE teacher