Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Apparently I need to lose the bad attitude

This morning my therapist told me that there have been studies showing that a negative attitude about something affects us more than we know. And that my bad attitude about math is probably actually preventing me from learning it well.  When I mentioned this to Daniel, he said that he's been telling me the same thing for weeks. I informed him that I really only pay attention to people that I pay to give me advice, not the unsolicited opinions of those around me :)

I didn't study today (have been studying most days lately) and am feeling better now.  I need to get back into it on Thursday and will be praying for a better attitude. And to remember that God seems to be leading me strongly in this direction and that He will provide.  Hopefully He'll provide the mind of a math genius.

Ethan's having another surgery tomorrow to replace his feeding tube. Hopefully this will be the last one, as the first tube made space (as it should) for this simpler version of the tube.  If he ever gets off of the feeding tube completely, we can simply remove it at home and the space will close up on its own.  He's still eating just a microscopic amount of solid food per day, so I don't see that happening soon, but it's nice to know that it is in our future.

In other news, I discovered that I own hiking boots. In case you don't know me in real life, I don't wear boots. Or other sensible shoes. Most days I wear heels. So owning boots is very out of character. I think they might be from 2004, when I visited a friend in Alaska and also went on a camping/hiking trip with Daniel later that year.  I was thinking about it last night and realized that I do one thing WAY outside of my comfort zone and normal range of behavior about every 7-8 years. In 1997, I went on a mission trip to Ecuador and went swimming in a river in the middle of a rainforest with some people from the local native tribe.  Did I mention that my strongest phobias are about dirt, dark water and snakes? Yeah. 

Then in 2004 I went to Alaska, randomly, to visit a friend.  And hiked and camped with Daniel.  He married me anyway, bless his heart. Apparently it takes me 8 years to build up a level of randomness, bravery and tolerance for the outdoors, then I use it all up on one adventure.  Iceland has a lot of pressure on it!

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