Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa update

So, I put the kids in reasonably good clothes on Friday and headed to the mall near Daniel's office, where I knew there was a Santa and generally not too huge of crowds.  When we got up to Santa, I learned that photos with Santa aren't cheap- at this mall it was $18 for one picture.  Which might be normal, I have no idea. But it was sticker shock for Daniel and I, and after discussing it, we decided we could use the money in much better ways.  The good news though was that photos weren't required, and the kids were able to go sit on Santa's lap and meet him, which is all that really mattered to Ethan anyway. He asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas, they muttered something that no one understood, Ethan pulled on Santa's beard and we were done. Oh, and there were candy canes, so everyone was happy :)
Candy Cane eating break

Then today, in a quest to stay busy during this long week of Christmas break, I took the kids out for sushi for lunch, then we headed over to the Children's Museum.  And when we walked in, one of the people who worked there said to us "would you like to meet Santa?". The kids did, so we headed to Santa.  No lines, no other people. Free picture :)  Now this is my kind of event.  Again, the kids mumbled something to Santa about what they wanted for Christmas, and then they excitedly picked up their full size! candy canes and we headed off to play.

With Santa. Ethan is again, pulling on Santa's beard.

Santa tries desperately to understand what Ethan is asking for

 So, Santa visits are done and the kids are happy (and really sugared up from all these candy canes).  And I got a picture of them and Santa and we didn't have to spend any money. Win-win!

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