Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Claus

Daniel and I are both very ambivalent about Santa Claus.  I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas at all, so there was definitely no Santa for me.  When I did start celebrating Christmas, I was too old for it to be an issue. I remember my college boyfriend explaining his family's view on Santa, that they didn't have a problem with it, but that the parents worked hard to buy gifts, and they weren't giving away the credit for the gifts to someone else :)

Daniel apparently didn't grow up believing in Santa either- I don't think it's a big deal in Hong Kong and by the time he got to Canada, again he was too old to go for the idea.

Neither of us has a problem with Santa as one of the symbols of the season. But we don't plan to give the kids gifts from Santa, and I never saw the point of taking the kids for photos with Santa.  Keep in mind that we are both insanely frugal, so it just didn't seem like a necessary expense.

Then came Sunday. We were downtown doing the whole Teddy Bear Suite/Gingerbread Village thing, and on our way back to the monorail, we walked past the downtown Santa. We watched the kids visiting with Santa, then we walked on.  A couple of hours later, Ethan wandered into the room and said "Mom? When can I go meet Santa?"  I explained that it wasn't something we planned to do.  I think I said something about Santa not being real, and just being a symbol of the season. Ethan pointed out to me that he had seen Santa that day and he was in fact real.  Outwitted by a 4-year-old. Then I asked why he wanted to go see Santa, and Ethan said "I just want to meet him."

So now I'm planning to take the kids to see Santa at a nearby mall on Friday. My parents, who are ardent anti-Christmas-other-than-church-stuff people are going to have a heart attack.  But it's apparently important to my friendly little boy, so, what the heck.


Karen said...

It's all what you make of it when they're little like this.

We do Santa, but all he brings is trinkety doodads in the stocking. It's only a fun side show to the big attraction- our family traditions that surround the celebration of Jesus' birth.

I can't wait to hear what he says to Santa. Kids are so funny.

Andrea said...

We do a loose version of Santa as a tradition. Emma has caught on that they are all different people inside of the suit, so at 4 years old, I've had to explain why we give gifts in the first place (relating back to Jesus) and then how we carry on the tradition.

That said, she still fully believes that if she is not a good girl the magic of Santa will not grace her with the purple unicorn she asked him for...soooo it works to my benefit. LOL