Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Once upon a time, my life did not revolve around poop

Poop. Poop, poop, poop. That's all we talk about or think about around here anymore. Has Ethan gone lately?  How's his stomach doing? Should we run a feed tonight since he hasn't pooped lately? What about Vivian? How's she doing?  MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE POOP.

This does not fill me with a great sense of accomplishment as a person. Particularly since the whole pooping thing has turned into a giant power struggle with Ethan. He'll just sit there for HOURS and do nothing. He just stares into space and doesn't make any attempt to go and it makes me insane.  Which I generally fix by lurking just out of his sight in the kitchen and trying to eat my weight in snack food while I wait for him to JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!

In 48 hours though, we will be ditching our kids at our church for a few hours for a free babysitting evening! Three and a half hours of free child care!  Daniel and I have been so overwhelmed with Ethan's health and Vivian's recent viruses and Daniel's insanely busy job that we haven't even really had a conversation (at least one that wasn't about website deployments (his obsession of late) or poop (mine, obviously)). 

Our big plans for the evening involve going to an Indian restaurant and then to Target.  Because we are wild and crazy that way :)

In other news, anxiously waiting for the time change on Sunday morning so that I can actually run in the mornings again without worry of being attacked in the darkness. Because really, if you were some sort of bad guy and you had your choice of who to grab, I'm clearly the slowest runner out there and provide the best chance.  At least that's my excuse for why I've not been running lately. What I really need is a running partner, but that's not terribly likely to happen. 

And in other, other news, I have two social events scheduled for the next two days. I get to talk to other actual human beings (probably about poop, but I'll try to think of something else to contribute to the conversation). So happy!

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Andrea said...

Ask Ethan's doctor about Myralax...seriously, it's amazing and gentle...Megan needs it often and she takes the TINIEST dose when she does...I wouldn't start with the capfull because...OMG.. anypoo...

Ha. See what I did there?

I want a running partner too...and I'm SURE I'm slow as well since ya know, I've never done it. HA. I moved to the wrong side of the continent. :(

And I would TOTALLY go to Target on a date night, I would go to Target so hard.