Monday, November 14, 2011


We spent the long weekend up in Canada this weekend, hanging out with Daniel's friends and family, and actually finally getting to see my uncle. We hadn't seen him or his wife since our wedding, almost 6 years ago, so we were glad to finally have a less busy visit and to be able to make it to his home.

This weekend, when we weren't at home or at my uncle's house, we were hanging out with hordes of people. On Friday (which pretty much everyone had off school/work up in Canada), we made the gigantic mistake of going to the local mega-mall, where I'm pretty sure half of the population of Canada also was hanging out. Then we went to the Chinese mall, which was slightly less crowded. But not much.  We also went to crowded restaurants, the very crowded science museum and in between places sat in a lot of traffic.

As you know, I am an introvert. And I am an introvert who spends 90% of her waking hours at home with the kids, not interacting with anyone except via Facebook or Skype chat.  I don't usually talk on the phone (because I am scared of it), and I rarely even write emails any more. So I've totally lost what little ability I once had for being around lots of people.

This socialization overload has a weird effect on me- I develop the obsessive need to purge our home of everything unnecessary and to clean and tidy and organize.  Even things like my Facebook feed or the number of blogs that I follow but don't read finally got to be too much. So, since we got home last night, I've been bouncing from project to project, tidying, purging, removing, etc.

I hope this little episode lasts long enough to get to the things that really need organized, like the junk drawer and the snack cabinet. Must stay crazy a little longer!!!

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