Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The October doldrums

It's definitely October here in Seattle. Right now it's something like 53 degrees and drizzling. And the oppressive gray skies that drive us to drink lots of coffee have returned.  I'm thrilled that it's cooled off outside and inside, but I'm definitely experiencing a lack of light slump.  We've pretty much spent the whole week holed up inside, looking out at the drizzle and sighing. Eventually I will have to get over this and start venturing out of the house again, because if I wait for sunshine and blue skies, I will be stuck at home until sometime in August of 2012.

Not only have we been home all week, but I have accomplished nothing. On my to-do list: make sure everything is ready for Ethan's surgery and hospital stay, get Vivian and Daniel packed for their quick trip to Canada this weekend, clean the house before Daniel's mom arrives, work on my anti human trafficking volunteer work, send long overdue emails to some friends, plan our meal schedule for this week and next week.  What I have actually done: laundry, spent hours searching the house for chocolate, drank lots of coffee, played on Facebook. Yeah, I'm super productive and energetic.

Part of the problem is that I haven't got anything fun to look forward to.  Next week isn't exactly going to be lots of fun, and although the feeding tube should really help Ethan, it is going to be an ongoing maintenance issue for me. And I tried to plan a couple of playdates for this week and next, only to discover that everyone is on different preschool schedules and there seems to be no overlap in free time. Thankfully I think I have plans with one friend later this week- hurray for that!

Send sunshine. And chocolate :)

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