Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday! Hurray!

Hurray! It's Friday! And we're off to Target soon.  And it's 65 degrees and sunny here, again. Perfection!

Glad to be done with this week. Can't really remember what went on, but it was not impressive, for sure. Ethan was off school on Wednesday for inservice, and might I say- the second week of school? TOO SOON for the kids to be home for a day. 

Yesterday I had dental surgery and it was done under sedation, so I couldn't eat or drink for 8 hours before. Honestly, the food I could live without, but getting through the morning with the kids sans coffee was very difficult. I felt like I was half sedated already by the time my appointment rolled around. Fortunately the morning without coffee was the worst of the whole thing. After that, I showed up at the oral surgeon, they gave me an IV, I went to sleep, woke up a bit to go home with Daniel, then napped the rest of the day.  And I think that any mom could tell you that a day off is a good thing, however it comes about.  I have no idea what Daniel and the kids did- when I was semi-awake, there seemed to be a lot of watching of Wonder Pets, but whatever.

Speaking of Wonder Pets, my kids seem to have a true gift for becoming obsessed with the worst kids' shows.  Our Netflix queue has so many cute options, but they pick the most annoying. Which is why Barney is not allowed to be played in our home under any circumstances. I suffered through that back when I was a teenager and was babysitting. It will never be allowed in my home. 

Okay, being dragged off the computer to play hockey with the kids. Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

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kirida said...

A day off is a great thing. I hope you're feeling better.

And the wonder pets are okay, it's not as bad as the stupidest show ever: Pingu. There were no words, just mumbles. I hated that show as much as Nathan LOVED it.