Monday, July 11, 2011

Yes, this does constitute a crisis in my sad little world

It's Monday. It's pajama day in my house (for the kids, I don't like to wear my pjs during the day). And I just discovered that I am out of Diet Coke.  The kids refuse to give up on pj day so that we can go to the store to get diet coke, and without drinking the diet coke, I don't have the energy to make them get dressed.  It's a sad, sad problem :)

In case you were wondering, we did make it to marriage class last Wednesday and I was in a snit most of the way there and through the socializing time, so I volunteered myself to watch the kids as they played on the playarea and Daniel socialized. The class itself was fabulous- our pastor really had a strong message for the husbands. This week the message will be more geared to the wives, and all us women at church are a little nervous.  I've been joking that we should only attend on the husband-oriented weeks. Daniel's not buying that.

In other, less self-centered news, I've got a new Facebook page that I want to share with you guys. Not my personal page, but it's one that I've been working on as part of the group that I'm now volunteering with. The page is for a group called Women of Purpose, and the group works with World Concern to help with human trafficking prevention projects.  As I've gotten to know more about human trafficking over the past couple of months, I've been shocked by the enormity of the issue. It might not seem like much, but we can help out, one child at a time, and that's what Women of Purpose does.  If you're on Facebook and would like to get some more information about human trafficking or Women of Purpose, drop by and visit the page.

I wonder if I can convince Daniel to come home at lunchtime and bring me a diet coke....

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