Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Overtired and overwarm

Daniel and I just had a stupid fight on the phone about his busy work schedule lately and whether or not him not leaving work on time tonight meant we couldn't still make it to the marriage class up at our church. I think fighting about whether or not to go to marriage class only has one clear right answer.  Sadly, in my overheated/feeling martyrish/wanting to pick a fight attitude, I picked the wrong side in this battle and now have no choice but to apologize and stop sulking.  Drat.

We've been Busy here lately. Definitely with a capital B.  I'm still adjusting to Ethan being home all day, and in an attempt to not break out the wine at 9 AM because of all the whining and fighting, we've been on the go a lot.  So much so that by yesterday afternoon, after a fifth or sixth straight day of "Let's go have fun and Do stuff!" I had two insanely cranky and tired kids on my hand.  The kind of tired that involves breaking out into hysterical crying over the smallest issue.  A friend of mine said her daughter did that this weekend as well, so perhaps the sunshine is making all our kids a little crazy?

Yeah, summer finally got here. It's been in the mid-70s/low 80s this week. Which is glorious out in the sunshine, but means I sweat while pushing the 90+ pounds of kids/stroller whenever we walk anywhere, and it also means that my kitchen reaches the high 80s by evening time.  That is definitely another point in favor of going to marriage class tonight. Air conditioning.

Oh my goodness, my kids are hysterical. We made a (failed) attempt at potty-training Vivian last week, and now she's all in the potty motivation mode. She just followed Ethan to the bathroom, clapped when he peed and is now standing around and making sure he washes his hands. 

T-20 minutes until the marriage class starts. Husband still not home.  We live about 40 minutes from church when it's rush hour... we'll see how this drama ends...


maggie said...

Do you have a car most days? Obvs you should come visit me. I will make you brownies.

Also, I hate it when I'm wrong. So much so that I never ever admit it.

Andrea said...

It must be this week. We had a giant fight over something stupid this week too AND my girls have been especially bratty. I think my stress is rubbing off on everyone around here.

I feel you on the wine at 9am. Kahlua in the coffee sounds good...even at nearly 1am. haha