Friday, July 22, 2011

My vacation week

I was telling Daniel tonight at dinner that this week was even better for me than our actual vacation week. Although I missed Ethan and it was great to see him every evening, having him fed and entertained by someone else all week was such a great break.  Just not having to stress all day and negotiate over food and getting a break from "stop hitting her-stop taking the toys from him" nonsense that goes on here all the time was fabulous. 

Although I couldn't have afforded to have Ethan gone for much longer- Vivian and I shopped all week! We had the car on Monday and Tuesday and visited several nearby shopping areas. Only having one kid to buckle and unbuckle made me willing to make multiple stops and visit extra stores. Then yesterday and today we picked up Ethan via monorail- which meant downtown shopping! I'm pretty sure there isn't a Starbucks or store that we missed this week.

So now Ethan's week of camp is done, and we immediately enrolled him in part-day camp for a few days per week over at the Children's Museum. Daniel and I decided that he really needs the socializing with other kids- three months is a long time to be off school at his age. At least that's my excuse :)

Oh, and summer finally showed up here! And it's nice summer! 75 and sunny! Feeling a little guilty about that, given how horribly hot it is elsewhere. Everyone! Come to Seattle!

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