Monday, July 11, 2011

In which I realize how much I adore my husband

Today was rough. With a capital R. It was Rough. For me at home with the constantly fighting kids and also for Daniel at work.  By 5 PM he and I were both exhausted and chatting on Skype. At 5:30 I broke under the stress of home and begged for sushi for dinner. Putting the defrosted salmon in the oven and cutting up the broccoli (our planned dinner for Monday) just seemed to be too much (Note: It was 82 degrees in my kitchen at 5:30, and I couldn't handle the idea of turning on the oven again).

My beloved agreed to sushi for dinner with enthusiasm. This is one reason why I love him. Then, after dinner, I looked at the time and realized that I could actually make it up to the library to pick up my books on hold. Which is when Daniel said the most magical words ever "why don't you just take your time and hang out at the library for a while."  I think I turned into a blur at that point, running away from the bedtime insanity and towards solitude.  I didn't end up staying at the library for long, but rather headed from the library to a little bistro where I sat with my books and ate a cookie and drank a glass of wine and started to feel like a human being again. I was gone from home for less than an hour, but it recharged me immensely.

I am insanely blessed in so many areas of life, but one of the biggest blessings is my husband. I remember so many lonely nights in my 20s, when everyone else around me seemed to be finding the spouse they were looking for. I looked for my soulmate on two different continents and dated great men, but things didn't work. Then one day I replied to a message on and we set up a date and my life has never been the same since. I am so grateful to have this amazing soulmate and partner in my life.

Now if I could just convince him to take the kids to work with him every day, he'd be the best husband ever :)


Andrea said...

LOL@the kids going to work with hubby idea. I second that!!!

I feel you on the hard days. It's HOT in Texas. We have A/C inside, but the fighting drives me up the wall...

Yay for good husbands/Daddies, and yay for the internet. (we met on in 2003) :-)

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Great post. So glad to hear you can get that solitude you want/need, if only for a little while.