Thursday, July 28, 2011

I really hate germs

I hate germs. A lot.  We've had a really quiet week this week- just hanging out at home or at the museum. The weather hasn't been great, and we've not had much to do.  But we had plans for today- lots of them. Plans to visit a good friend and her kids. Plans to get a huge list of things done that I needed the car for.

Yesterday Vivian seemed a little bit "off". And this morning she wouldn't eat breakfast. But I didn't think much of it. And at 9 AM, we all had our shoes on and were walking to the front door of our condo to go out.

Which is when Vivian started throwing up. Big time.  I'm very grateful that she did it at home and not when we were halfway to taking Daniel to work, but still.  Ethan cried when I told him our visit to friends was off. So did I, actually.

I know it's silly, but sometimes the only thing that gets me through a long day with the kids is looking forward to plans later in the week or on the weekend.  And it's hard to watch my kids be disappointed about an event being canceled. And the weather is actually gorgeous here today- so it's hard to not be able to go really enjoy it.  Thankfully we have the back courtyard, so we can go play bubbles later today.

Whatever happens, Vivian must get better immediately and the rest of us have to stay healthy! I have two parties on Saturday, one of which I am hosting! And Daniel and Ethan have expensive baseball tickets for Saturday afternoon. These germs need to remove themselves from our household immediately!

In other news, did you know that they make saltine Goldfish? Brilliant! Vivian's not a big fan of regular saltines, but she'll eat the saltine Goldfish. Win!

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