Saturday, July 30, 2011

Germs are stupid

So, Vivian got sick on Thursday right as we were heading out the door to a friend's house. Leading to sadness from the kids and me and the friend we were going to visit.  But we recovered and Vivian rested up. Still, yesterday I made a bunch of phone calls and rearranged plans and delivered all the baby shower stuff to the husband of the friend whose house the shower was to be at. Even though Vivian was seeming better, I didn't want to take a chance and have her around my pregnant friend or the other kids at the shower. And I didn't want Daniel and Ethan to have to miss the baseball game that Ethan's been talking about constantly for weeks.

By last night Vivian was running around and jumping and being crazy, so I though maybe everyone would be fine by today. And then 2 AM came and Ethan started throwing up. Of course.  So now, instead of being at the baby shower with Vivian, or home with her, I'm home with Ethan, and Vivian is off at the baseball game with Daniel. All of the changing and rearranging of plans has left my brain in a knot. 

Fortunately, we're going to another Mariners' game on Monday night, so Ethan is dealing okay with the disappointment. 

I'm just praying to stay healthy, because I am going to a party tonight, hosted by my friend whose parties are legendary and I WILL NOT MISS IT!  The germs need to know better than to mess with me.  I've been home for three straight days with sick kids and I need a fun evening out with the girls!

Okay- need to pack up Mr. Germy and take him out for a walk. It's a beautiful day here! 

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Maggie said...

Oh man. I just read this. LEGENDARY? What a downer for you! NEXT TIME, CARRIE, NEXT TIME!!!

And sick kids are the worst. WORST!