Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling a little "mother henish" this morning

Ethan's at 'camp' this week. Not real camp, since he's not even 4 yet, but a glorified daycare program that he's attending for one week. It's something that he's getting because of a blog post I wrote. Today is day 1 of the five day program. Even though he went to day care as a child and even though he goes to public school preschool during the school year (and rides a school bus, no less!), it's still weird to leave him.  I was trying to explain it to Daniel this morning. It's the same thing I feel during the school year. Even though I know it's great for him to socialize and even though I love the freedom of just having one kid around, I just don't relax fully when one of my kids is out of arms' reach.  During the school year, I literally would breathe a sigh of relief every day when I got him off the school bus and he was back home. Everyone was back in my little nest of a condo, and it felt right.

Today Daniel informed me that I can't pick Ethan up until 3 or 3:30. Which seemed reasonable at 10 AM, but the day is taking longer than I thought it would.  I know that I'm going to be ready to send him back to daycare by about 4:15 this afternoon though, so I'm trying to appreciate the silence. YES, I HAVE SILENCE! I have only one kid at home and she was so worn out by our fun girls-morning-out of shopping and lunch, that she's out cold in the other room. 

In other news, we got to go on the Day Out With Thomas event this past weekend (again, a thing for the review blog), which was fun and tiring. The kids are still insisting on wearing the t-shirts that we bought them and their temporary tattoos haven't worn off, so we definitely are looking like we drank the Thomas kool-aid here in our household :)  Daniel and I gave a testimony at church yesterday, and I was kicking myself for not getting a temporary tattoo on Saturday so that I could have shown it off to the whole congregation yesterday. Oh well.

And in other, other news, summer showed up again today in Seattle, after a weekend of rain.  Yesterday was particularly awful, with lots of rain and cold weather outside. I'd still rather have that then the 100+ degrees going on elsewhere. Hope those of you affected by the hot weather are staying cool! Today's nice though, and it's good to have some sunlight to look at through my (dirty) living room windows.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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