Saturday, July 30, 2011

Germs are stupid

So, Vivian got sick on Thursday right as we were heading out the door to a friend's house. Leading to sadness from the kids and me and the friend we were going to visit.  But we recovered and Vivian rested up. Still, yesterday I made a bunch of phone calls and rearranged plans and delivered all the baby shower stuff to the husband of the friend whose house the shower was to be at. Even though Vivian was seeming better, I didn't want to take a chance and have her around my pregnant friend or the other kids at the shower. And I didn't want Daniel and Ethan to have to miss the baseball game that Ethan's been talking about constantly for weeks.

By last night Vivian was running around and jumping and being crazy, so I though maybe everyone would be fine by today. And then 2 AM came and Ethan started throwing up. Of course.  So now, instead of being at the baby shower with Vivian, or home with her, I'm home with Ethan, and Vivian is off at the baseball game with Daniel. All of the changing and rearranging of plans has left my brain in a knot. 

Fortunately, we're going to another Mariners' game on Monday night, so Ethan is dealing okay with the disappointment. 

I'm just praying to stay healthy, because I am going to a party tonight, hosted by my friend whose parties are legendary and I WILL NOT MISS IT!  The germs need to know better than to mess with me.  I've been home for three straight days with sick kids and I need a fun evening out with the girls!

Okay- need to pack up Mr. Germy and take him out for a walk. It's a beautiful day here! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I really hate germs

I hate germs. A lot.  We've had a really quiet week this week- just hanging out at home or at the museum. The weather hasn't been great, and we've not had much to do.  But we had plans for today- lots of them. Plans to visit a good friend and her kids. Plans to get a huge list of things done that I needed the car for.

Yesterday Vivian seemed a little bit "off". And this morning she wouldn't eat breakfast. But I didn't think much of it. And at 9 AM, we all had our shoes on and were walking to the front door of our condo to go out.

Which is when Vivian started throwing up. Big time.  I'm very grateful that she did it at home and not when we were halfway to taking Daniel to work, but still.  Ethan cried when I told him our visit to friends was off. So did I, actually.

I know it's silly, but sometimes the only thing that gets me through a long day with the kids is looking forward to plans later in the week or on the weekend.  And it's hard to watch my kids be disappointed about an event being canceled. And the weather is actually gorgeous here today- so it's hard to not be able to go really enjoy it.  Thankfully we have the back courtyard, so we can go play bubbles later today.

Whatever happens, Vivian must get better immediately and the rest of us have to stay healthy! I have two parties on Saturday, one of which I am hosting! And Daniel and Ethan have expensive baseball tickets for Saturday afternoon. These germs need to remove themselves from our household immediately!

In other news, did you know that they make saltine Goldfish? Brilliant! Vivian's not a big fan of regular saltines, but she'll eat the saltine Goldfish. Win!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things that have been making me smile lately

1) We finally bought a Blu-Ray player.  This makes me happy, not because I'm such a big technology person, but because we've been using our tiny little portable DVD player to play DVDs and it doesn't have a remote. And I had to hook/unhook it all the time in order to plug in other things, so I'm thrilled to have a dedicated media player. 

2) It's 7 PM and I just looked over to see Vivian sleeping on the couch.  I tried to wear out both kids today, and I think I succeeded! Hopefully I can get them both in bed soon. They haven't been sleeping until 10 or 10:30 lately and it's gotten old. Early bedtime tonight!

3)  I bought tickets today for a Mariners' game. Not any Mariners' game, but one against the Yankees. Now, like all good Seattle fans, am anti-Yankees, but they happen to be my dad's favorite team, and today I discovered that they are going to be playing here while my parents visit. So he'll be able to see his favorite team with most of his favorite people and work on his "indoctrinating the kids to love the Yankees" life goal.  It always makes me happy to do things that make someone else smile.

4) Vanilla cupcake flavored goldfish. Have you all tried these? They are SO yummy! I have had to start hiding them from the kids, since I don't want to share. 

5) The book My Year With Eleanor. This wasn't one I reviewed, but was one I got from the library and I loved it so much. It's a memoir about a 29-year-old, unemployed writer who decides to take a Eleanor Roosevelt quote "do one thing every day that scares you" and make it her goal for a year.  I think I got as much motivation from the book as I did from therapy.  I highly recommend it if you're feeling a little blah in your life and are looking for some motivation. 

So those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night- anyone else feeling particularly in love with anything?

Friday, July 22, 2011

My vacation week

I was telling Daniel tonight at dinner that this week was even better for me than our actual vacation week. Although I missed Ethan and it was great to see him every evening, having him fed and entertained by someone else all week was such a great break.  Just not having to stress all day and negotiate over food and getting a break from "stop hitting her-stop taking the toys from him" nonsense that goes on here all the time was fabulous. 

Although I couldn't have afforded to have Ethan gone for much longer- Vivian and I shopped all week! We had the car on Monday and Tuesday and visited several nearby shopping areas. Only having one kid to buckle and unbuckle made me willing to make multiple stops and visit extra stores. Then yesterday and today we picked up Ethan via monorail- which meant downtown shopping! I'm pretty sure there isn't a Starbucks or store that we missed this week.

So now Ethan's week of camp is done, and we immediately enrolled him in part-day camp for a few days per week over at the Children's Museum. Daniel and I decided that he really needs the socializing with other kids- three months is a long time to be off school at his age. At least that's my excuse :)

Oh, and summer finally showed up here! And it's nice summer! 75 and sunny! Feeling a little guilty about that, given how horribly hot it is elsewhere. Everyone! Come to Seattle!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being grateful for reminders of grace

My therapist and I were talking yesterday about a bunch of things, but mainly about how I (like a lot of people) let the negative messages in my brain overwhelm the positive. One of the ways that she wants me to work on this is by blogging about things that I am grateful for.  I was thinking about that last night and this morning, and the first thing that came to mind was just this whole depression/life reassessment thing.  I'm still not crazy about being clinically depressed (obviously), and I wish I was doing a lot better with things related to that.  But one thing I am grateful for is the forced time to stop and take a look at my life and who I have been and think about who I want to be and how I want to live my life in the future.

The major issue underlying everything is that I am a performer by nature.  Several people commented that I seemed really comfortable speaking in front of our church on Sunday, and they were surprised, because they know that I'm not terribly social.  But that's kind of what being a performer is about, for me at least.  Give me a microphone and stick me in front of a crowd, and I'm great.  Leave me to talk one on one with someone, or (even worse) make me speak to someone on the phone, and I am a wreck and can barely complete sentences.

This has been true in other areas of my life too, as I've always been able to hide behind performing in smaller ways as well. Performing at work, performing as a student or at church as the pastor's kid. But this part of my life doesn't have any masks to hide behind or stages to keep me safe from the fear of interacting and failing.  It's a down and dirty stage of life. 

And I'm kind of glad to be here, to be forced to be honest with myself and get to know who I really am. And I'm SO glad for the many reminders that have been placed in my life lately of grace and love. That God loves me for who He created me to be, not because of what I do.  That my husband and my kids love me whether or not the laundry is all done and the house is spotless. Truthfully though, I can't quite understand and accept that yet, so I'm grateful that the message keeps coming at me from lots of different places.

In totally unrelated news, today is July 20th and I am wearing a sweater. I am INCREDIBLY grateful that it's not hot here. If it was even 75 or 80, I would probably be whining about that. But still, we're going to need some sunshine around here soon, or else we're going to be a bunch of depressed, vitamin D-deprived zombies running around come November.  We cannot endure 9 months of winter gloom unless we at least get a few weeks of summer first. Even Vivian's hitting the coffee cup. She plays pretend coffee drinking a lot, but yesterday she needed the real coffee maker on in order to pretend. She made about 20 pretend cups of coffee before I kicked her out of the kitchen.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling a little "mother henish" this morning

Ethan's at 'camp' this week. Not real camp, since he's not even 4 yet, but a glorified daycare program that he's attending for one week. It's something that he's getting because of a blog post I wrote. Today is day 1 of the five day program. Even though he went to day care as a child and even though he goes to public school preschool during the school year (and rides a school bus, no less!), it's still weird to leave him.  I was trying to explain it to Daniel this morning. It's the same thing I feel during the school year. Even though I know it's great for him to socialize and even though I love the freedom of just having one kid around, I just don't relax fully when one of my kids is out of arms' reach.  During the school year, I literally would breathe a sigh of relief every day when I got him off the school bus and he was back home. Everyone was back in my little nest of a condo, and it felt right.

Today Daniel informed me that I can't pick Ethan up until 3 or 3:30. Which seemed reasonable at 10 AM, but the day is taking longer than I thought it would.  I know that I'm going to be ready to send him back to daycare by about 4:15 this afternoon though, so I'm trying to appreciate the silence. YES, I HAVE SILENCE! I have only one kid at home and she was so worn out by our fun girls-morning-out of shopping and lunch, that she's out cold in the other room. 

In other news, we got to go on the Day Out With Thomas event this past weekend (again, a thing for the review blog), which was fun and tiring. The kids are still insisting on wearing the t-shirts that we bought them and their temporary tattoos haven't worn off, so we definitely are looking like we drank the Thomas kool-aid here in our household :)  Daniel and I gave a testimony at church yesterday, and I was kicking myself for not getting a temporary tattoo on Saturday so that I could have shown it off to the whole congregation yesterday. Oh well.

And in other, other news, summer showed up again today in Seattle, after a weekend of rain.  Yesterday was particularly awful, with lots of rain and cold weather outside. I'd still rather have that then the 100+ degrees going on elsewhere. Hope those of you affected by the hot weather are staying cool! Today's nice though, and it's good to have some sunlight to look at through my (dirty) living room windows.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In which I realize how much I adore my husband

Today was rough. With a capital R. It was Rough. For me at home with the constantly fighting kids and also for Daniel at work.  By 5 PM he and I were both exhausted and chatting on Skype. At 5:30 I broke under the stress of home and begged for sushi for dinner. Putting the defrosted salmon in the oven and cutting up the broccoli (our planned dinner for Monday) just seemed to be too much (Note: It was 82 degrees in my kitchen at 5:30, and I couldn't handle the idea of turning on the oven again).

My beloved agreed to sushi for dinner with enthusiasm. This is one reason why I love him. Then, after dinner, I looked at the time and realized that I could actually make it up to the library to pick up my books on hold. Which is when Daniel said the most magical words ever "why don't you just take your time and hang out at the library for a while."  I think I turned into a blur at that point, running away from the bedtime insanity and towards solitude.  I didn't end up staying at the library for long, but rather headed from the library to a little bistro where I sat with my books and ate a cookie and drank a glass of wine and started to feel like a human being again. I was gone from home for less than an hour, but it recharged me immensely.

I am insanely blessed in so many areas of life, but one of the biggest blessings is my husband. I remember so many lonely nights in my 20s, when everyone else around me seemed to be finding the spouse they were looking for. I looked for my soulmate on two different continents and dated great men, but things didn't work. Then one day I replied to a message on and we set up a date and my life has never been the same since. I am so grateful to have this amazing soulmate and partner in my life.

Now if I could just convince him to take the kids to work with him every day, he'd be the best husband ever :)

Yes, this does constitute a crisis in my sad little world

It's Monday. It's pajama day in my house (for the kids, I don't like to wear my pjs during the day). And I just discovered that I am out of Diet Coke.  The kids refuse to give up on pj day so that we can go to the store to get diet coke, and without drinking the diet coke, I don't have the energy to make them get dressed.  It's a sad, sad problem :)

In case you were wondering, we did make it to marriage class last Wednesday and I was in a snit most of the way there and through the socializing time, so I volunteered myself to watch the kids as they played on the playarea and Daniel socialized. The class itself was fabulous- our pastor really had a strong message for the husbands. This week the message will be more geared to the wives, and all us women at church are a little nervous.  I've been joking that we should only attend on the husband-oriented weeks. Daniel's not buying that.

In other, less self-centered news, I've got a new Facebook page that I want to share with you guys. Not my personal page, but it's one that I've been working on as part of the group that I'm now volunteering with. The page is for a group called Women of Purpose, and the group works with World Concern to help with human trafficking prevention projects.  As I've gotten to know more about human trafficking over the past couple of months, I've been shocked by the enormity of the issue. It might not seem like much, but we can help out, one child at a time, and that's what Women of Purpose does.  If you're on Facebook and would like to get some more information about human trafficking or Women of Purpose, drop by and visit the page.

I wonder if I can convince Daniel to come home at lunchtime and bring me a diet coke....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Overtired and overwarm

Daniel and I just had a stupid fight on the phone about his busy work schedule lately and whether or not him not leaving work on time tonight meant we couldn't still make it to the marriage class up at our church. I think fighting about whether or not to go to marriage class only has one clear right answer.  Sadly, in my overheated/feeling martyrish/wanting to pick a fight attitude, I picked the wrong side in this battle and now have no choice but to apologize and stop sulking.  Drat.

We've been Busy here lately. Definitely with a capital B.  I'm still adjusting to Ethan being home all day, and in an attempt to not break out the wine at 9 AM because of all the whining and fighting, we've been on the go a lot.  So much so that by yesterday afternoon, after a fifth or sixth straight day of "Let's go have fun and Do stuff!" I had two insanely cranky and tired kids on my hand.  The kind of tired that involves breaking out into hysterical crying over the smallest issue.  A friend of mine said her daughter did that this weekend as well, so perhaps the sunshine is making all our kids a little crazy?

Yeah, summer finally got here. It's been in the mid-70s/low 80s this week. Which is glorious out in the sunshine, but means I sweat while pushing the 90+ pounds of kids/stroller whenever we walk anywhere, and it also means that my kitchen reaches the high 80s by evening time.  That is definitely another point in favor of going to marriage class tonight. Air conditioning.

Oh my goodness, my kids are hysterical. We made a (failed) attempt at potty-training Vivian last week, and now she's all in the potty motivation mode. She just followed Ethan to the bathroom, clapped when he peed and is now standing around and making sure he washes his hands. 

T-20 minutes until the marriage class starts. Husband still not home.  We live about 40 minutes from church when it's rush hour... we'll see how this drama ends...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

It's my kids' least favorite three-day period of the year- the one in which I dress them up in all their Canadian gear on July 1 and in their American gear on July 4. The photo session this morning did not go particularly well (these are the GOOD photos from the bunch). Maybe they'll be happier about being American....

Happy Canada Day- and safe travels to everyone who is traveling for the Canadian or American holiday.  Hope your long weekend is a great one, whichever day you're celebrating!