Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday night

It's almost dark here in Seattle (at just before 10 PM), the kids are asleep (hurray!), Daniel's asleep (thanks to the Tylenol PM that he took for his headache), and once again I'm relishing the solitude too much to sleep. Even though I'm tired and today started before 6 and was very busy... alone time is worth so much more than sleep sometimes.

And I'm drinking some seriously yummy peach juice from the Russian food section of the Asian grocery store that we FINALLY dropped in to on Sunday and are now madly in love with. It's huge, with everything Asian that you could imagine and Russian foods and Mexican foods and Turkish foods and lots of our regular American food too. And not insanely crowded, unlike the other Asian grocery stores that we have visited.  I love finding places that combine all of our food needs like this.  Daniel spent a long time looking at the shelves of Asian snacks while I perused the Russian food section and reminisced about picking up the same products from a babushka at a food stall in the open air market in Ukraine (I was in Ukraine pre-grocery store arrival).

I need peach juice and solitude tonight- it was a long day.  After a bad morning and not-great day yesterday, I decided last night that running this morning was preferable to dealing with the pre-school routine, so I headed out for a run.  And I got caught in a fairly massive rain, which only lasted for the first 5K loop.  So on the second 5K loop, I would pass a bunch of people who were totally dry, then the occasional person who was as drenched as I was, and we would smile in sympathy with each other's sloshing shoes.  I also managed to hit "end workout" twice, while trying to change the song on my iPod, so when I got home, the program helpfully announced the results of my last run to my Facebook friends (Carrie ran 0.9 km!) and I looked like an idiot. In reality I ran 10K again. All in the hopes that I'll start thinking of 5K as a short distance and will no longer want to die for the majority of the races I run.

On that note, we were in downtown today and I saw how much of the city streets they are going to block off for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure run that I'm doing on Sunday, and I realized that it's going to be a run right down the middle of the city. With a massive hill at the end. Fun!

Sorry, I realize that this blog post is completely random and not even vaguely interesting. Only one week until I'm in San Diego though- with sunshine and interesting blog topics! We're almost ready for the trip, other than the whole packing thing and still trying to decide about using public transport versus renting a car.  And semi-annoyingly, Seattle has decided to drop this 50 degrees and rainy stuff and have sunshine next week, which makes escaping to San Diego slightly less exciting. :)  Just slightly though- our first family vacation couldn't possibly be unexciting!

And on a Vivian note, her 2 year appointment went well today. She, as usual, is very healthy and doing great on developmental milestones, and it was the fastest well child appointment ever.  It still cracks me up though that we think of Vivian as such a little chubby baby, when she's just at about the 10th percentile. When you have a kid who's in the 2nd or 3rd percentile and only has body fat in his toes (seriously, I need to post a picture of Ethan's toes), even a little bit of chub is so exciting!

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