Friday, June 10, 2011

Searching for sunshine

We're in San Diego and the sun is not (so far at least).  I keep thinking that I should be upset about this, then I remember (or Daniel reminds me) that I don't actually like the sun and when I get hot I complain too much. Then I smile at the grey sky and go on for a while longer, before again thinking that the sun really should be shining in San Diego.

Our vacation started super early yesterday. By 4 AM we were loaded up in the car and on our way to the airport. We actually got complimented by the security people at the airport for how organized we were with all of our stuff, which was entertaining and nice.  Everything was uneventful until we boarded our plane, when Ethan started throwing up before we even took off.  I had another (weird) proud mom moment as I held a bag up for Ethan to vomit in, while balancing a sleeping Vivian on my lap.  Daniel was in his seat across the aisle, but the seatbelt sign was on and the plane was starting to taxi, so he was limited to handing me wipes and giving moral support. 

Ethan was pretty much fine by the time we arrived here, so we're thinking that it was just tiredness/nerves.  We were in our hotel room by 10 AM, which was great, and off on the bus to the beach before noon! The kids were in heaven at the beach- their eyes were huge as they tried to take in the enormous expanse of sand- all waiting for them to dig! And throw! And build sandcastles!

We dragged the kids away from the beach after about an hour and a half, since it was pretty chilly, and time to get some food. Thankfully we didn't stay longer, since I had had a stupid moment earlier when I put on my SPF 85 and THEN changed to shorts, completely forgetting to then apply sunscreen to my legs.  So I have nice dark red legs today. Rookie mistake!

So it's been a little crazy so far, but it's still nice to be away from home and cleaning and cooking and the daily routine.  My break from laundry only lasted until yesterday afternoon, when a load of clothes had to be done, but I'm hoping that's it until we get home. Probably for the best- going cold turkey from laundry could cause some sort of mental damage. :)

We're off to the zoo today! Hurray!

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