Monday, June 6, 2011


We did something really unusual this weekend... we relaxed.  Poor Daniel would love to relax most weekends, but I have an unfortunate ingrained need to make plans and "do things" even on the weekend. Actually, especially on the weekend, since that's when I get to leave the house and do something outside of my usual 2 mile radius where I spend all week.

This weekend Daniel had church men's group on Saturday at 8 and I had the Susan G. Komen 5K on Sunday at 8, but our days were otherwise free. And we managed to keep them that way We fit in the absolute necessities, including my annual "oh crap, it's over 70 degrees and I have no decent pants/capris to wear" shopping trip. Other than that we kept the kids alive and mostly out of trouble and just loafed around the house. I even managed to sit in my quiet bedroom and read two books over the course of the weekend (I'm a speedreader, so that's not as time-consuming as it sounds).

I really couldn't tell you when was the last time we just relaxed. Pre-kids, probably.  I so rarely am able to put aside my mental to-do list and just "be". And I really don't have the personality for relaxing- usually it actually ends up making me more stressed, because I feel like I'm not using my time wisely. But this weekend we managed and it was divine.

And now we're less than three days away from flying off to California and I'm utterly unprepared and tomorrow night I have to go to a scary blogger/marketing conference and possibly talk to strangers! (insert horror movie music here), and I'm way behind on the to-do lists.... but it was worth it! I may have to schedule this "relaxing" thing in again for another weekend, sometime this decade :)


kirida said...

I want to hear about the 5K! How was it?!

jennyonthespot said...

You going to the Sea soc media club event??? Me too!