Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've actually spoken to actual adults multiple times in the past week!

I was driving Daniel to work this morning and we were chatting about our upcoming weekend and what we wanted to do with the three days. And we got to chatting about social events and and what was on the immediate schedule, and I made the comment that, for once, I wasn't desperate to talk to people this week.  Then I got to thinking and realized that I met up with friends on Thursday for a zoo outing. And had lunch with my best friend on Friday. And went to our friends' house on Saturday for lunch. And on Sunday I had an actual girls-night-out with three of my favorite local bloggers. That's right, Miss Anti-Social had four honest-to-goodness social events in just four days.

I think I may have used up my full allotment of words for the rest of the month with all that socializing :)

We're still trying to adjust to our summer schedule here. Or lack of schedule, I should say. I'm loving the lack of rush and stress in the morning. It's great to have kids who are actually getting to sleep as much as they need and not have to drag tired little ones out of bed at 7 AM (my kids intensely dislike mornings).  But I am missing the quiet mornings with Vivian. Ethan makes things more fun, but SO loud. And there are SO many arguments!

On a related note, did you all see the study that says that whining may be the most annoying sound in the world?  I laughed when I first heard this- any mom could have told you that!

And once again, it's dinner time and the reality of dinner has failed to cross my mind all day (seriously, I am in such deep denial about cooking...) so I should probably be a good wife and go try to figure out something before Daniel gets home. Happy Tuesday!

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http://twosickpeasinapod.blogspot.com said...

Hi Carr,
I like this menu planner/shopping list template to keep me organized and a good wife (lol):


As crafty and resourceful as you are, I am sure you have better ideas.