Monday, June 13, 2011

Home again, home again

We're back from our first real family vacation, and it was a success! It was an interesting trip- other than Ethan being sick repeatedly on the flight down, it was pretty uneventful and things went smoothly.  We were really happy with our choice to not rent a car, and were also really happy with our choice of hotel as well.  Riding the bus/trolley and staying out of the main hotel area definitely gave us a glimpse of the non-tourist side of San Diego, but that was interesting too. 

It was definitely different from our pre-kid vacations, for sure. Daniel and I kept joking that we barely interacted the entire trip. We each seemed to be chasing a kid or pushing a kid in the stroller or sleeping with a kid in our separate beds. We intended for the kids to share a queen bed and for us to share one, but that didn't happen.  Still, it was relaxing and fun and we liked everything that we saw.

The San Diego Zoo lived up to all of its hype- what a great place! The kids especially liked the Children's area of the zoo and we spent a long time there. I did finally get photographic evidence that my children are occasionally more poorly behaved than wild animals. Evidence below (note the monkeys in the corner of the picture who were clinging to each other and looking scared):

More zoo/post-zoo pics:

On Saturday we toured the Maritime Museum, which was fabulous, and then took the ferry to Coronado Island and walked across the island to the famous Hotel Del Coronado. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip- enjoying some sunshine and sand in a beautiful little town. 

We were home by mid-morning yesterday and were unpacked soon after that. It's a good thing that Daniel and I share the need to clean/unpack/deal with everything right away. I think we'd stress anyone out who didn't share this particular obsession with order.

I'm happy that our first attempt at a family vacation went well- it makes me willing to consider the idea again for next summer!


Lizzie said...

The one of the kids manning the cannon is my favorite! :)

kirida said...

how cute is your family! you're right--trips with kids is so much different than trips without. But what cute kids you have!