Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy summer!

Ethan's last day of school was today and the sun is shining and it's apparently officially summer by all accounts.  We're celebrating by watching Pocoyo and not going outside :)  Actually, that's not true. We will be driven outdoors soon when the sun starts shining in our windows and maing it hotter inside than out.  This is actually one of my favorite times of year, because it's usually around 85 degrees in our living room/kitchen by the time dinner rolls around, and I can pretty easily convince Daniel that it's too hot to have the stove or oven on. And then we get sushi instead and all is well with the world.

This morning we went to school with Ethan to celebrate his last day of preschool.  A number of his friends are moving on to kindergarten, so there were lots of tears from those parents and the teachers about that.  We have two years left, so on our part it was just lots of being thankful for all they've done at school to help Ethan. Some amazing teachers and therapists and aides there, for sure. 

On a related note, I don't think that I ever mentioned the biggest miracle of the year- Ethan has started eating!  He's actually eating about as much as Vivian is, which is great.  He's so far putting it all into energy and not into pounds (he's still stuck at 28 pounds. 1.6th percentile! Possibly not my kid after all?), but my goal for the summer is to get some weight on him.  Since he is eating now, the topic of a semi-permanent feeding tube has been shelved again, at least for now. Which is nice- I was not excited about that thought of that.  Force-feeding ice cream and chocolate is much preferable to serious interventions.

Anyway- it's summer! And I have to try to remember how to entertain two kids all day! Much brainstorming must be done! Happy summer, everyone!

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