Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls versus boys. A random observation

I've been meaning to blog about this for a couple of weeks now, but I keep forgetting. Until now! I finally remembered! There is hope for my brain after all!

Anyway, I had a funny experience a few weeks ago- one that once again demonstrated for me just how different little boys and little girls can be.  One morning while Ethan was at school, Vivian and I had a friend over for a few hours. Vivian's friend is fairly close to Vivian's age (about 10 months older), so the girls were having a great time playing with all the toys in the house and snacking and doing whatever 2-year-old girls do. 

It was a nice morning, but at one point in time, they did something that absolutely blew my mind. The girls walked over to the table of blocks and sat down. And then they chatted about the blocks for a while, and then they decided to build a tower. So they did. They built a tower about 10 blocks high- and then they WALKED AWAY WITHOUT KNOCKING IT DOWN!!!  The tower stood on the table, undisturbed for the next two hours. Seriously, this has never happened in our house.  I thought it was just my son who was incapable of seeing anything stacked up without knocking it over, but when I told this story to another friend of mine who has two boys, she stared at me with such a look of disbelief and shock. 

I think it was especially funny and unexpected to me because usually Vivian is around her brother and when we see this little friend, Ethan's generally around then too. So he takes care of all the loud noises and knocking things over and I never noticed that the girls might have different ideas.

And yes, when Ethan got home from school and saw the tower, he immediately walked over and knocked it down.

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