Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Commencing Operation Pottytraining

I'm feeling motivated this week to do all sorts of random things. I've organized closets and cupboards. I've registered for my first 10K in September.  I've worked on brainstorming for a new project that I'm going to be involved with. And I decided to give pottytraining Vivian a shot. 

Honestly, I don't know if she's ready. Vivian is a very hard child to read on things like this.  I know she's capable of going on the potty, but she's very strong willed, so it's a matter of making HER want it. And I'm trying to figure out that.  I'm a big fan of the cold turkey method of potty training, so right now she's running around in a diaper and having accidents on the carpet (and now no one who lives in Seattle will ever want to visit me again...).  I have found a method that works for getting her to sit on the potty, which is progress.

I was about 2 hours into potty training this morning before I remembered that potty training Ethan involved a bottle of tequila for Mommy.  As we are currently tequila-less, I'm not sure how well things are going to go. 

The best part about potty training so far (all 4 hours of it) was watching Daniel this morning when Vivian had her first accident of the day. He wasn't around for the early stages of potty training Ethan, and Ethan never had accidents after the early days, so he kind ]of freaked out a little and ran around saying "oh my goodness. She peed on the chair! Need a towel!"  (And I've just REALLY ruined my chances of local visitors with that comment...)  It was especially funny because Daniel is a very calm person and rarely gets flustered about much of anything. 

We'll see how it goes this week.  If Vivian hates it, I'll try again in a few months.  That's nice thing about the second kid- I know she'll get it eventually and I'm not going to freak out about it. Even though my mother-in-law is visiting this weekend and she's been asking for months about why Vivian isn't potty trained yet. I always offer to let her do the potty training, but she's yet to take me up on the offer :)


Andrea said...

I laughed SO HARD at your needing a bottle of tequila...and now I have an idea of how to potty train Megan. :-)

megan pooped on our couch today, so pee on a chair doesn't sound so bad. ha!

Potty Training Problems said...

With my daughter we had a "potty party" and she caught on really quick, with my son, well, he's very stubborn so I'm doing small potty parties with him, once a week, then letting it sit, he's the type of kid that wants it to be his idea, so the potty parties are just to get him to recognize going on the potty, then I'm hoping he decides he's going to just do it. Oh, and we have his favorite thing on hand for any time he does go: doughnuts!
Potty Training Problems