Tuesday, June 7, 2011

36 hours until vacation

My husband actually made this comment to me today: "Yes, I'm stressed about getting up at 3 AM to leave for the airport. That's definitely the most stressful part of the trip for me."  Okay, so I get that that's true for him, but his timing and audience for the comment were questionable. I've been making lists and piles and mentally going over our daily routine for three weeks and hoping I don't forget anyone's medications or glasses or anything else that we can't buy in California, and he's worried about getting up early.  I shouldn't complain- the man is 99% perfect, so it's nice to see a fault now and again.

Tonight I went to a Social Media gathering where I was 1) a foot and a half shorter than everyone else 2) 4-6 sizes larger than most people there and 3) not representing a brand or agency. The networking/chatting part of the evening was so awful that I wanted to vomit, but I ate cookies instead and tried to use my shortness to my advantage and blend in with the rows of chairs. I did talk to a few people, and I was proud of myself for that.  Still, I was thrilled when I got home and the kids were in bed and Daniel decided to go work out, because that much socializing with strangers left me really drained. I'm insanely out of practice at talking to people.

Overall the conference was interesting and made me think a lot about the whole point of my review blog. I've been around a lot of BIG bloggers lately whose blogs are a business. Mine is just a time-consuming hobby, and I think I like it that way. I need to think about whether or not I want a 5-year plan and strategic goals or whether I want to just continue replying to emails with comments like "why yes, you may send me candy! here is my address!" and not having a purpose beyond that.

On a completely different topic, I did part of a Pilates workout yesterday after running, because I have messed up my legs again (damn shin splints) and I'm hoping stretching helps to get me through until the 10K in September. I did the flexibility section and about 5 minutes of the ab workout and can barely move today. Methinks this show needs to be played on my Netflix queue again soon.

Vacation! In 36 hours! Whoo hoo!!!

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