Friday, May 20, 2011

Things that make me feel like a "real" mom

Ethan's almost 4 years old, so I've been doing this mom thing for a little while now. And, honestly, I still wait for the real parents of these loud little children to come home every evening. Which, of course, they do not.  I still feel strange saying things like "you do not speak to me that way, I'm your mother", or answering a request that's been proceeded by the phrase "Mommy!"   And I absolutely cannot wrap my brain around the fact that to the outside world, I'm a 30-something woman who is totally believable as a parent. The self inside my brain is only about 14 and is in no way qualified to be raising two little people. Thank goodness Daniel is a real adult.  :)

But there are some things that make me feel like a "real" mom. Here are a few that I've noticed this week.

1) Translating my kids' requests for other people. Bonus points if they're asking for something from Daddy and I can both a) figure out what they want and b) locate it within 10 seconds or less, while Daddy has no clue what's going on.  He's a fabulous dad, but translating and locating are definitely Mommy skills, at least in our home.

2) Receiving piles of art projects from school that have lovingly been made for me, because I am the Mommy.  I loved the pot of flowers that he made me at school for Mother's Day, but weeks later it's still really strange to me to be on the receiving end of such things.  I'm pretty sure it was about 5 minutes ago that I was making school projects for my mom.

3)  Eating a lunch at the zoo that I had packed from home. Mealtime preparation is not my strong point, thanks to Ethan's non-eating, and my denial of the fact that mealtimes are in fact my responsibility every single day.  Lately I'm starting to accept that though and actually prepare before we leave the house.  Sitting at the zoo yesterday eating our sandwich that I'd made at home and drinking the juice boxes that I'd packed from our cupboard and munching on the apple slices that I'd cut up... THAT made me feel like a "real" mom.

4) And my proudest "real" mom experience, and the one that most made me feel like a mom came last week. We were meeting Daniel at McDonalds for a snack before heading out on another activity (because I had not remembered to pack a snack, of course).  When we showed up at McDonalds, Ethan had to go to the bathroom, but Vivian was sound asleep. I was alone in the bathroom, there was nowhere to put Vivian down, and she had been so cranky pre-nap that there was no way I was willingly going to wake her up. So, with one arm I held on to the toddler who was sleeping across my shoulder, while simultaneously lifting Ethan up with the other arm, so that he could reach the potty and do his business. No mess and no waking up Vivian.

Seriously, I thought I deserved a parade or something after that display of maternal skill.  I shared my great accomplishment with Daniel, who stared at me blankly and totally did not get it. I was still proud :)

Any other moms out there have random things that make them feel like a mom? 


Andrea said...

LOL- I agree with every statement you just made. I still fell like a kid inside. I remember when I had Emma in the hospital and someone was holding her and she began to cry and they handed her to me I remember saying, "Well I don't know what to do." haha

And I've totally been there with the potty thing, although Megan doesn't sleep anywhere but her bed so I can balance her on a hip and lift Emma up. Kudos to you on holding and aiming a boy with a sleeping toddler THAT'S impressive!!

Lizzie said...

You're a rock star and a Bathroom Ninja, obviously. I would have at least applauded for you if not thrown a parade! :)