Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank goodness for my iPod and podcasts

My children are lovely little people, and overall they're both at a pretty good developmental stage.  I enjoy being around them and find them funny and entertaining. Except for one thing... THE WHINING! OH MY GOODNESS, THE WHINING!! I've started to forget what either of them sound like normally, because they only speak in that awful toddler/preschooler whiny voice.  I take that back, they also yell and scream at each other.  So there's that.

I know it's a stage and they're both limited with vocabulary and ability to express themselves, but still.  I am so thankful for my iPod and the ability to pop in my sparkly earbuds and drown the whole mess out for a while with a history podcast or Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Seriously, my podcasts get me through the day.

In addition to the podcasts, I have another thing keeping me going during this weekend of busyness and laundry and to-do lists- we're going on vacation in a couple of weeks!  There was a great fare sale today for flights to California, so we snapped up four cheap tickets and we'll be off to San Diego soon! Other than one overnight trip to Victoria, for the past four years we've not gone anywhere except to visit our parents or my grandmother. And after last fall and winter, we really need a short change of scenery. It's already cheering us up, as we're talking about plane flights and researching hotels and talking about the big zoo.  Ethan wants to go on the airplane today, and is not entirely happy at the idea of waiting several weeks. But it'll be here soon!

On a related note, I was reading a health magazine yesterday that talked about sun allergies, and it was totally my symptoms! So apparently I'm not crazy, there really is such a thing and I seem to have it. Thank goodness I live in Seattle! Much sunblock and a few antihistamines will be in my life for our days in Southern California, but it's totally worth it for some days of sunshine and pretty water!

Seriously, I think the thought of vacation is as much fun as the actual thing. We're so excited!

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