Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out and about

We don't go out often. Most days are spent pretty close to home, with a walk to the grocery store or over to Seattle Center being the extent of our excitement. But yesterday we were Out and About.  If you're my Facebook friend, you know I was going a little crazy with all the checking-in :) I'm still a little in love with the novelty of that feature on my new iPod.  We were anywhere and everywhere yesterday, and it was fabulous. We shopped and toured a new Disney Store and took in opening night at the International Children's Festival going on here in Seattle. 

And then we had to wake up the kids this morning after two nights of a very late bedtime, and there was much grouchiness. Daniel usually handles most of the morning breakfast/school bus drop-off routine, and every time I have to deal with it, I am endlessly grateful for his willingness to take it on.  Mommy doesn't function well without coffee and the kids are not morning people, so them at me at 7:30 AM is a bad combo.  But we survived and everyone got where they needed to be.

Days like yesterday remind me of how much I need to figure out plans and events and shake up our routine a bit. I do so much better when we're interacting with people on occasion and seeing something slightly different from what we see every day.  I say this every time we have a busy day out, but one of these days I'm actually going to do something about it!

In completely random news, summer needs to GET HERE already because these came yesterday and I love them with a blazing love.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

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