Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day is coming!

Mother's Day is coming! We're going to be busy on Saturday with the 5K and then I've requested pizza for dinner that night (as if I run fast enough or burn enough calories to justify pizza consumption...). But other than that, I'm not sure what's going on. We're doing the 3-year-old Sunday School class this month, so I'll get to spend Mother's Day morning with other people's small people! (Yes, I need an attitude adjustment about that).

I told Daniel what I wanted for Mother's Day, and I could tell that he was trying hard not to judge me. Because what I really really want is for the three of them to just GO AWAY for a couple of hours.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my family. Truly. But we do everything together. Every weekend we run errands together. We go to the park together. We go out to eat together.  And when we're home, we're in our three room house, so we're always together here too.

And every single day, I'm dealing with Miss Clingy Pants.  Ethan never had a clingy phase or a bit of separation anxiety. So we're still confused by Vivian. She wants to be with us, usually touching me, 24/7. Yes, she still sleeps with us. And I'm with her all day. Nap time and when I go running are my only breaks from her. This is another case of "thank goodness she's so darned cute!"

So I really think everyone could do with a few hours break. I need the chance to miss my family a little bit. I totally cracked up last night when we were watching "The Middle" and the mom got a Sunday alone as her Mother's Day gift. She spent the whole time fixing things and cleaning and not relaxing. SO true.  I actually wouldn't mind that- it would be nice to clean without my helpers following behind and messing things up again :)

I know that 15 years from now I'm probably going to be sitting around being sad that the kids are too busy to spend Mother's Day with me.  I do try to appreciate these days, really. But I think this year I could appreciate them a bit more if I get a moment or two of distance.

I did get a wonderful early Mother's Day gift today- Ethan came home from school with this pretty pot that he'd painted and planted with yellow flowers (his favorite color).  Seriously- I still can't believe I have a kid old enough to bring home school projects!!

I love this picture- Vivian was standing in front of the camera, so her tummy is prominent in the photo :)

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