Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Confessions

1) I live in a city condo. We have no balcony, and although we have a communal courtyard in the back, there's no place to plant or grow things on our own. And, even if I had a spot to garden, I wouldn't. Because I am a dirtophobe (I'm sure there's a technical term for that) and have no interest in growing plants.  That being said, when I'm in the car and the local gardening show comes on NPR, I listen to it. And I look forward to the day of the week when I usually get to hear it.  I find it oddly soothing somehow, all the calm voices discussing technical names of plants and planting times and shade versus sun. On a related note, I also dislike cooking and listen to cooking shows on NPR.  Very odd.

2) Ethan smashed his finger in the closet today and sort of relocated the top layer of skin on his thumb and I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Which is really weird for a  couple of reasons. Reason A- I was a licensed EMT and worked on the ambulance in college and have seen much worse.  I do not have a phobia of blood or guts or gore.  I donate blood every 8 weeks on the dot and have no problem watching the needle stick or the blood going into the bag. When it splattered last week, I laughed.  Reason B- Ethan's been through tons of blood tests and medical procedures and surgery, and that hasn't particularly bothered me either.

Today though, I was having a tough time with his injury. I thought about it more, and I think it's a combination of it being unexpected and for no purpose (unlike the medical stuff) and me being on the front lines of my uber-sensitive child being injured.  Thankfully I was able to calm him down and even talked him into putting a bandaid on it (he's hugely anti-bandaid. Yes, we have weird phobias here) and he's fine now and I held it together and was able to do the correct Mommy things. Still, I'm hoping he returns to his no injury way of life immediately.

3) I don't really like ice cream very much. I could happily live without it 99.9% of the time. But today the kids wanted ice cream at the store, and since Ethan gets any food item that he wants, I agreed. We ended up with Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee and oh my goodness is it good!  I must get it out of my house soon!

4) Running is the first thing in my life (other than marriage) that I've ever not been good at, but still stuck with. I'm one who either gets something easily and does it, or gives up.  Always.  So marriage has been interesting at times :)  Running I honestly suck at. My times are slow and aren't really getting faster. I keep injuring myself and I get lapped by senior citizens when I'm out.  But I keep going, for some bizarre reason that I generally don't understand.

Sometimes I do know exactly why I go running. Like this morning- I was feeling totally unmotivated, until I realized that if I didn't go out, I'd have to do the morning breakfast/bus routine. Which is possibly the one thing that I want to do less at 7 AM than running. Neither my kids nor I are morning people, so it's invariably an unpleasant situation until I've had lots of coffee and the kids have de-grouchied a bit.  Makes dragging myself around the lake in the wake of elderly people seem a lot more appealing :)

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