Friday, May 27, 2011

I really should look at my calendar every once in a while

I've been having a serious of calendar-related realizations this week.  The first one has happened several times, because I keep forgetting. That realization is that Monday is Memorial Day, and therefore the family will all be home! No work! No school! Vivian and I will not be abandoned on Monday morning!

Memorial Day also means that our neighborhood is about to become very interesting, since this weekend is Folklife Festival over at Seattle Center.  We always attend for the food (the strawberry shortcake, in particular) and the people-watching.  Folklife brings out some interesting crowds.  It also means that traffic around here will be insane, but we can deal with that for a few days. Especially if there's strawberry shortcake with which to console ourselves.

Then I realized that my in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow! I need to prepare. And only then did it occur to me that the reason my in-laws are coming is because we're going to be celebrating Vivian's birthday tomorrow! OH MY GOODNESS, I forgot my daughter's 2nd birthday!

I should clarify. I remembered her birthday weeks ago, so her gifts from us and from her grandparents have been purchased. We just buy her gifts and Daniel's parents give us money. It works better that way (okay, it works because I am a control freak about everything). But after the presents were procured, I forgot again about the birthday. The condo is a mess, no cake is in the works, and I don't even have a birthday card for her. Her real birthday isn't until June 1, so I'm using that as my excuse. 

I'm also blaming the weather for my forgetfulness. It's really hard to believe that it's Memorial Day weekend or my baby's June birthday when it's 55 degrees and pouring down rain and windy. That's November weather, not end of May.  Today's sunny though, so maybe my brain will be able to hold onto the information that Memorial Day and birthday are upon us!

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