Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apparently we are now genetically incapable of tolerating sun

It rained here this winter and spring. A lot. We had more grey/rainy days this year than in any year for the past 60 years. But we did not have record-breaking snow or tornadoes or floods or anything that the rest of you poor people have been dealing with, so I've tried to not whine too much about it.  Still, it's been pretty gloomy.

Then this week unexpectedly turned out to be one of THOSE weeks here in Seattle. The ones that make it all worthwhile. Mid-60s and sunny. Blue sky. 70 degrees on the forecast. And we don't have humidity here, so it's pretty much as glorious as you can imagine.

Yesterday the kids and I were out, soaking up some sunshine (while slathered with sunscreen, of course. I'm pale, what can I say.).  Our outing looked like this for about 5 minutes:

Then Ethan decided that it was cold (it was nowhere near cold) and that he and Vivian should be wearing their hats:

Finally he complained that it was too bright and the kids decided we should go into the Children's Museum. Where they found the darkest, least-sunlight-reaching corners of the museum and played there happily. We were virtually alone in the museum.

Today we ventured out again, but the kids spent most of their time trying to get the cover on their stroller as far down over them as possible.

For my part, I sweat like crazy when it's up to these "warm" temperatures.  Of course, I'm pushing around almost 60 pounds of kids and 30 pounds of stroller, so that contributes to my warmness.  And this year, I've started breaking out in hives in the evening of days that we've been out in the sun.  Even when wearing sunscreen. It's crazy- at the end of the day, the part of my arms where I've pushed up my sleeves is itchy and blotchy.  

Seriously, we've apparently lost our ability to cope with sunshine.  I blame genetics. My great-great-grandmother moved to Seattle in the early 1890s and since then every generation has been born in the Pacific Northwest, in either Washington (everyone but me) or Oregon (me).  120 years of living where the sun rarely shines has apparently done weird things to us.  Daniel's tropical-dwelling genetic background stood no chance against my pale skin genes :)

Despite all my non-sun loving ways though, I do want summer to be here. Because, in addition to these cute sandals that I wrote about last week:

I picked up these today at Nordstrom Rack. For just under $5!!!!

Yep, this nice weather needs to stick around. I have cute shoes to show off!

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