Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopping for Father's Day gifts

I may have mentioned this here before, if so, I apologize.  4 1/2 years of blogging and I'm probably starting to repeat myself a lot. The 4 1/2 years have not been kind to my brain cells.

Anyway, it's almost Father's Day, so I was temporarily worried about finding a great gift for Daniel. I'm getting one good item as part of a review on the other blog, but I still wanted to get him something out of my (very shallow) pockets. Except Daniel is about as easy to shop for as a rock. He doesn't really have any sports teams that he cares about, he doesn't grill often, he doesn't play golf or fish or do other guy things. He doesn't do home improvement projects unless absolutely necessary. And he doesn't read (Side note- I am still staggered by this fact- I read 4-5 books per week, and have pretty much every single week of my life. He reads ZERO. Per year. He also doesn't read magazines. This still blows my mind...)  He doesn't wear out his clothes or get too excited about new ones. Oh, and he doesn't care for food or drink much. He's totally fine with anything and overly enthusiastic about nothing.

So every gift giving occasion finds me in this quandary, with no idea what to buy. And usually I end up getting him nothing. And then one day I realized that he had not been planning our vacation online or shopping for real estate or working (things I usually find him doing). Nope, he'd been shopping on Craigslist for a new iPod.  Honestly, I'm surprised it took him this long.

Last year he got me our first iPod Touch and I used it and loved it and thought it was great.  And then for my birthday this year he got me the newest version of the iPod and we suddenly realized how pathetic the old iPod was. It rarely connected to the internet and was limited on stuff it could do. So we'd be out and about and I'd be checking in to places on Facebook and catching up with Twitter and getting my email and he'd be sadly pulling out the old iPod, realizing it had no signal, and putting it away. 

Finally he found a good used new version iPod at a good price and not too far away, so he got it and we have equivalent technology again and all is well with the world. And since he bought it within 3 weeks of Father's Day, me giving him permission to buy it totally counts as his gift. WIN for everyone :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

I really should look at my calendar every once in a while

I've been having a serious of calendar-related realizations this week.  The first one has happened several times, because I keep forgetting. That realization is that Monday is Memorial Day, and therefore the family will all be home! No work! No school! Vivian and I will not be abandoned on Monday morning!

Memorial Day also means that our neighborhood is about to become very interesting, since this weekend is Folklife Festival over at Seattle Center.  We always attend for the food (the strawberry shortcake, in particular) and the people-watching.  Folklife brings out some interesting crowds.  It also means that traffic around here will be insane, but we can deal with that for a few days. Especially if there's strawberry shortcake with which to console ourselves.

Then I realized that my in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow! I need to prepare. And only then did it occur to me that the reason my in-laws are coming is because we're going to be celebrating Vivian's birthday tomorrow! OH MY GOODNESS, I forgot my daughter's 2nd birthday!

I should clarify. I remembered her birthday weeks ago, so her gifts from us and from her grandparents have been purchased. We just buy her gifts and Daniel's parents give us money. It works better that way (okay, it works because I am a control freak about everything). But after the presents were procured, I forgot again about the birthday. The condo is a mess, no cake is in the works, and I don't even have a birthday card for her. Her real birthday isn't until June 1, so I'm using that as my excuse. 

I'm also blaming the weather for my forgetfulness. It's really hard to believe that it's Memorial Day weekend or my baby's June birthday when it's 55 degrees and pouring down rain and windy. That's November weather, not end of May.  Today's sunny though, so maybe my brain will be able to hold onto the information that Memorial Day and birthday are upon us!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The technology generation

We got our first home computer when I was eight, so I don't really remember much about life before computers.  I do remember how different they were to use back then (we're talking early 80s here).  Programs to run and commands to know and cartridges and disks to keep track of and use. I remember trying to hide some of our game cartridges, particularly the educational ones that my dad insisted we use and practice all the time.  The typing program was one I really disliked and hid on more than one occasion. Thankfully, I was not good at hiding it, since typing well is a life skill that I'm pretty glad to have now.

And I remember the early days of the internet. When I was a teenager, my mom went to grad school and got her masters in library science, so she was using early versions of the internet quite a bit.  I remember a school project for 11th grade English that involved needing to know exact song lyrics for some old songs, and how amazed we were that Mom could use these databases to find the information that we needed. I remember going to college and having my first email and being able to send messages to my friends! The magic of it all!

Now, just 16 years after I got my first email (this is still before internet was everything), my kids are living in an entirely different world.  Vivian isn't quite two yet and she can work my iPod. Ethan is severely motor delayed and still can't do many basic things, but he can use the Wii remote to work Netflix.  They don't know a world in which we talk to grandparents only on the phone (and only at off-peak hours... the expense!), because they see their grandparents online every week. And when we're out and about, we press a few buttons on Mommy's ipod and we video chat with Daddy, no matter where we are.

Earlier this week I bought the Kindle version of my kids' Bible, so that we'd have an easy way of taking it to California with us.  And I showed it to Ethan that night, to get him used to the idea.  He hates change, but about 1.2 seconds after he saw his Bible! on Mommy's iPod!, he was hooked.  And now the actual print version of the Bible is beloved no more. Yesterday my iPod needed recharging by bedtime, so I told him that Mommy's iPod was broken for a little bit and that we needed to read from the actual Bible. He picked up his Bible, threw it behind the couch and said "my Bible broken. Need iPod."

It's a whole different world, for sure.

And on another note, look at this cuteness. I love it when she agrees to pigtails!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Because my last post was entirely too depressing :)

It's rainy and gloomy again here today- so I was very glad this morning to meet up with a some local bloggers to chat about blogging and reviewing/representing companies and stuff like that. And I was super glad that we were meeting up at a coffee shop, because today could not have been endured without coffee. 

And my friends, I found the mother of all coffee cups at this local coffee shop! This cup of coffee wasn't a cup, it was a soup bowl. It was so big that it required TWO handles to lift it. I'm pretty sure it was larger than Vivian's head. I should have taken a comparison photo.

It's sitting on a small end table. And it covers MOST of the table.  I've lived in Seattle for 10 years and have never seen anything like this.

Possibly that's why this afternoon has been so lethargic and depressing here- I was on a MAJOR caffeine high around noon, and there's no way one can come down from drinking that much coffee without some side effects :)

Seriously, local people. We must meet up at this coffee shop. This coffee must be seen to be believed!

Rephrasing my earlier post

My last post didn't come across right. In case you read it, I'm sorry. It's gone now.   I think it read like I was looking for a purpose beyond being a mom and a wife and not feeling that that was enough. Which isn't what I was trying to say at all, it's kind of the opposite. I want to stop feeling like I'm missing something and that this is just a stopping point. I want to be able to embrace this and be the best mom and wife that I can be. But, sadly, that's not what I'm doing right now.  A lot of the time I have a bad attitude or act like I'm missing something and don't appreciate this part of my life for the blessing that it is.

Part of the issue is that I have never once sat down and thought about what God has given me in the way of talents and dreams and how I can use my skills and abilities. Including within motherhood. Which is why I struggle so much with it, because I have this mental tape recorder playing that says "you're not maternal, you don't even really like kids." And I never shut that off and think about the skills that I do have and how I am a good mom. In every area of my life, I default to negative.

I think what it comes down to is the fact that I look at my life and see myself as a giant, unlovable failure.  I do not think of myself as loved by God, I feel that I have let Him down by not enjoying being a mom more. I view my depression as a failure.  And I can't get out of this mental loop until I sit down and really spend time seeing myself through God's eyes and viewing myself as someone who has a purpose for living, not just taking up space. Which is all I see right now. I have a husband who is 100% capable of doing everything I do at home, and most of it he can do better, and while that's a fantastic problem to have, even that's hard for me, since being a mom/taking care of the house isn't even something that I can particularly take pride in.

Ugh. I know this is all coming across wrong, and I don't mean anything I say here (ever) as a comment on anyone else's choices or lifestyles.  I just am trying to figure out who I am, now that I'm done with the "expected" checklist and I'm not in the type of goal-oriented life anymore that I was so used to- and that, honestly, I thrived in. I need to figure out how to thrive in this life, not because of what I do, but because of who I am, a beloved daughter of God. I don't want to keep doing things just for the sake of doing them or try to find my happiness in checking things off a list or being busy, which would be the easiest fix for what I'm going through. I want to use this time to try to see who I am and who God has made me to be and understand that that is worth loving, even when I'm just folding the day's 1,785th load of laundry.

That all being said, when I do "do" things, I don't want them to just be things that I am expected to do or feel obligated to do, I want to do what God is leading me to do, within the picture of who He has made me to be.  I want to live a full life, one that uses my life as a mom and wife and my personal passions (whatever they are) to be the person that I'm called to be. Right now I have no hobbies, no goals, and no dreams.  When I look out beyond the evening of the current day that I'm in, I just see a grey horizon stretching on forever. And that is no way to live.

I don't want to wimp out on this part of my life, as I tend to do. There are definitely ways out that are easier than others, but I think those are just going to put me back on the "now what" track further down the road.  I hope I can keep feeling the nudges to listen and explore and that I can stop listening to the negative voices and hear the voice of the One who loves me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Confessions

1) I live in a city condo. We have no balcony, and although we have a communal courtyard in the back, there's no place to plant or grow things on our own. And, even if I had a spot to garden, I wouldn't. Because I am a dirtophobe (I'm sure there's a technical term for that) and have no interest in growing plants.  That being said, when I'm in the car and the local gardening show comes on NPR, I listen to it. And I look forward to the day of the week when I usually get to hear it.  I find it oddly soothing somehow, all the calm voices discussing technical names of plants and planting times and shade versus sun. On a related note, I also dislike cooking and listen to cooking shows on NPR.  Very odd.

2) Ethan smashed his finger in the closet today and sort of relocated the top layer of skin on his thumb and I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Which is really weird for a  couple of reasons. Reason A- I was a licensed EMT and worked on the ambulance in college and have seen much worse.  I do not have a phobia of blood or guts or gore.  I donate blood every 8 weeks on the dot and have no problem watching the needle stick or the blood going into the bag. When it splattered last week, I laughed.  Reason B- Ethan's been through tons of blood tests and medical procedures and surgery, and that hasn't particularly bothered me either.

Today though, I was having a tough time with his injury. I thought about it more, and I think it's a combination of it being unexpected and for no purpose (unlike the medical stuff) and me being on the front lines of my uber-sensitive child being injured.  Thankfully I was able to calm him down and even talked him into putting a bandaid on it (he's hugely anti-bandaid. Yes, we have weird phobias here) and he's fine now and I held it together and was able to do the correct Mommy things. Still, I'm hoping he returns to his no injury way of life immediately.

3) I don't really like ice cream very much. I could happily live without it 99.9% of the time. But today the kids wanted ice cream at the store, and since Ethan gets any food item that he wants, I agreed. We ended up with Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee and oh my goodness is it good!  I must get it out of my house soon!

4) Running is the first thing in my life (other than marriage) that I've ever not been good at, but still stuck with. I'm one who either gets something easily and does it, or gives up.  Always.  So marriage has been interesting at times :)  Running I honestly suck at. My times are slow and aren't really getting faster. I keep injuring myself and I get lapped by senior citizens when I'm out.  But I keep going, for some bizarre reason that I generally don't understand.

Sometimes I do know exactly why I go running. Like this morning- I was feeling totally unmotivated, until I realized that if I didn't go out, I'd have to do the morning breakfast/bus routine. Which is possibly the one thing that I want to do less at 7 AM than running. Neither my kids nor I are morning people, so it's invariably an unpleasant situation until I've had lots of coffee and the kids have de-grouchied a bit.  Makes dragging myself around the lake in the wake of elderly people seem a lot more appealing :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free concert at Folklife Festival

If any Seattle-area people are planning to attend the Folklife Festival this weekend, there's a great kids' concert going on on Monday. Everything is free, and this concert has pretty much every great kids' band from the area performing. Details over on my review blog.  We're going- hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank goodness for my iPod and podcasts

My children are lovely little people, and overall they're both at a pretty good developmental stage.  I enjoy being around them and find them funny and entertaining. Except for one thing... THE WHINING! OH MY GOODNESS, THE WHINING!! I've started to forget what either of them sound like normally, because they only speak in that awful toddler/preschooler whiny voice.  I take that back, they also yell and scream at each other.  So there's that.

I know it's a stage and they're both limited with vocabulary and ability to express themselves, but still.  I am so thankful for my iPod and the ability to pop in my sparkly earbuds and drown the whole mess out for a while with a history podcast or Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Seriously, my podcasts get me through the day.

In addition to the podcasts, I have another thing keeping me going during this weekend of busyness and laundry and to-do lists- we're going on vacation in a couple of weeks!  There was a great fare sale today for flights to California, so we snapped up four cheap tickets and we'll be off to San Diego soon! Other than one overnight trip to Victoria, for the past four years we've not gone anywhere except to visit our parents or my grandmother. And after last fall and winter, we really need a short change of scenery. It's already cheering us up, as we're talking about plane flights and researching hotels and talking about the big zoo.  Ethan wants to go on the airplane today, and is not entirely happy at the idea of waiting several weeks. But it'll be here soon!

On a related note, I was reading a health magazine yesterday that talked about sun allergies, and it was totally my symptoms! So apparently I'm not crazy, there really is such a thing and I seem to have it. Thank goodness I live in Seattle! Much sunblock and a few antihistamines will be in my life for our days in Southern California, but it's totally worth it for some days of sunshine and pretty water!

Seriously, I think the thought of vacation is as much fun as the actual thing. We're so excited!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Things that make me feel like a "real" mom

Ethan's almost 4 years old, so I've been doing this mom thing for a little while now. And, honestly, I still wait for the real parents of these loud little children to come home every evening. Which, of course, they do not.  I still feel strange saying things like "you do not speak to me that way, I'm your mother", or answering a request that's been proceeded by the phrase "Mommy!"   And I absolutely cannot wrap my brain around the fact that to the outside world, I'm a 30-something woman who is totally believable as a parent. The self inside my brain is only about 14 and is in no way qualified to be raising two little people. Thank goodness Daniel is a real adult.  :)

But there are some things that make me feel like a "real" mom. Here are a few that I've noticed this week.

1) Translating my kids' requests for other people. Bonus points if they're asking for something from Daddy and I can both a) figure out what they want and b) locate it within 10 seconds or less, while Daddy has no clue what's going on.  He's a fabulous dad, but translating and locating are definitely Mommy skills, at least in our home.

2) Receiving piles of art projects from school that have lovingly been made for me, because I am the Mommy.  I loved the pot of flowers that he made me at school for Mother's Day, but weeks later it's still really strange to me to be on the receiving end of such things.  I'm pretty sure it was about 5 minutes ago that I was making school projects for my mom.

3)  Eating a lunch at the zoo that I had packed from home. Mealtime preparation is not my strong point, thanks to Ethan's non-eating, and my denial of the fact that mealtimes are in fact my responsibility every single day.  Lately I'm starting to accept that though and actually prepare before we leave the house.  Sitting at the zoo yesterday eating our sandwich that I'd made at home and drinking the juice boxes that I'd packed from our cupboard and munching on the apple slices that I'd cut up... THAT made me feel like a "real" mom.

4) And my proudest "real" mom experience, and the one that most made me feel like a mom came last week. We were meeting Daniel at McDonalds for a snack before heading out on another activity (because I had not remembered to pack a snack, of course).  When we showed up at McDonalds, Ethan had to go to the bathroom, but Vivian was sound asleep. I was alone in the bathroom, there was nowhere to put Vivian down, and she had been so cranky pre-nap that there was no way I was willingly going to wake her up. So, with one arm I held on to the toddler who was sleeping across my shoulder, while simultaneously lifting Ethan up with the other arm, so that he could reach the potty and do his business. No mess and no waking up Vivian.

Seriously, I thought I deserved a parade or something after that display of maternal skill.  I shared my great accomplishment with Daniel, who stared at me blankly and totally did not get it. I was still proud :)

Any other moms out there have random things that make them feel like a mom? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apparently we are now genetically incapable of tolerating sun

It rained here this winter and spring. A lot. We had more grey/rainy days this year than in any year for the past 60 years. But we did not have record-breaking snow or tornadoes or floods or anything that the rest of you poor people have been dealing with, so I've tried to not whine too much about it.  Still, it's been pretty gloomy.

Then this week unexpectedly turned out to be one of THOSE weeks here in Seattle. The ones that make it all worthwhile. Mid-60s and sunny. Blue sky. 70 degrees on the forecast. And we don't have humidity here, so it's pretty much as glorious as you can imagine.

Yesterday the kids and I were out, soaking up some sunshine (while slathered with sunscreen, of course. I'm pale, what can I say.).  Our outing looked like this for about 5 minutes:

Then Ethan decided that it was cold (it was nowhere near cold) and that he and Vivian should be wearing their hats:

Finally he complained that it was too bright and the kids decided we should go into the Children's Museum. Where they found the darkest, least-sunlight-reaching corners of the museum and played there happily. We were virtually alone in the museum.

Today we ventured out again, but the kids spent most of their time trying to get the cover on their stroller as far down over them as possible.

For my part, I sweat like crazy when it's up to these "warm" temperatures.  Of course, I'm pushing around almost 60 pounds of kids and 30 pounds of stroller, so that contributes to my warmness.  And this year, I've started breaking out in hives in the evening of days that we've been out in the sun.  Even when wearing sunscreen. It's crazy- at the end of the day, the part of my arms where I've pushed up my sleeves is itchy and blotchy.  

Seriously, we've apparently lost our ability to cope with sunshine.  I blame genetics. My great-great-grandmother moved to Seattle in the early 1890s and since then every generation has been born in the Pacific Northwest, in either Washington (everyone but me) or Oregon (me).  120 years of living where the sun rarely shines has apparently done weird things to us.  Daniel's tropical-dwelling genetic background stood no chance against my pale skin genes :)

Despite all my non-sun loving ways though, I do want summer to be here. Because, in addition to these cute sandals that I wrote about last week:

I picked up these today at Nordstrom Rack. For just under $5!!!!

Yep, this nice weather needs to stick around. I have cute shoes to show off!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


People often comment about how many cultural events we attend and how many museums we seem to visit and that it's impressive that we're exposing the kids to so much.  Truthfully, although we do want to expose our kids to cultural things, it's not really about that. The reason we do so many thing is because they are close by. And usually cheap. Daniel and I are both extremely motivated by guilt and cheapness. and that gets us out of the house and to whatever is going on nearby.

This is a good thing for us, I think.  I know that once we have to decamp to the suburbs (not that that is going to happen anytime soon, thanks to the lack of sales of similar properties around here), we wont be coming to the city too much. Traffic and parking prices are powerful deterrents.  I know we won't spend as much time taking the kids to art galleries or festivals or whatever, although I'm sure we still will now and then.  With the distance increased, our guilt and cheapness motivation will decrease and we'll spend our weekends shopping or something (yes, my husband loves shopping).

But right now we're here and we do things, and I'm glad.  Today we had the opportunity to attend the Sichuan Opera Company's last performance at the International Children's Festival here in Seattle.  And I'm glad we went. It's a really cool group and it's not something we get to see every day here in Seattle. And the kids actually enjoyed it, which was cool.

And due to proximity again, I've signed up to run the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 5K in June. Again, it was too close to say no to, and for such a good cause. When there's a great race going on so close that I only have to walk a few blocks to it, excuses are few and far between. But I'm actually looking forward to it- apparently there were over 12,000 participants last year. I've never been a part of anything even close to that huge, so it should be quite an experience!

In other running news, I think I've convinced my sister-in-law (the skinny one who runs all the time) to run the 10K with me in September.  I think it'll be good to have some motivation on hand to keep me going that far!  Maybe I can convince her to run backwards or something so that she doesn't finish in half my time :)

Seriously, it blows my mind that a year ago I had never run a step in my life, and now I sign up for and run 5Ks like they're no big deal. And 10Ks are in the future! Crazy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out and about

We don't go out often. Most days are spent pretty close to home, with a walk to the grocery store or over to Seattle Center being the extent of our excitement. But yesterday we were Out and About.  If you're my Facebook friend, you know I was going a little crazy with all the checking-in :) I'm still a little in love with the novelty of that feature on my new iPod.  We were anywhere and everywhere yesterday, and it was fabulous. We shopped and toured a new Disney Store and took in opening night at the International Children's Festival going on here in Seattle. 

And then we had to wake up the kids this morning after two nights of a very late bedtime, and there was much grouchiness. Daniel usually handles most of the morning breakfast/school bus drop-off routine, and every time I have to deal with it, I am endlessly grateful for his willingness to take it on.  Mommy doesn't function well without coffee and the kids are not morning people, so them at me at 7:30 AM is a bad combo.  But we survived and everyone got where they needed to be.

Days like yesterday remind me of how much I need to figure out plans and events and shake up our routine a bit. I do so much better when we're interacting with people on occasion and seeing something slightly different from what we see every day.  I say this every time we have a busy day out, but one of these days I'm actually going to do something about it!

In completely random news, summer needs to GET HERE already because these came yesterday and I love them with a blazing love.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

And the no-gifts season begins...

I love presents. REALLY love presents. Not big presents, that doesn't really matter to me. We generally have a $10 limit for most gift-giving occasions, but as long as the item is wrapped up and I get to open it, I'm a happy camper.

So the time from Christmas to Mother's Day is a very happy time for me.  Christmas, followed by Valentine's Day, followed closely by our wedding anniversary, followed by my birthday, then Mother's Day= lots of presents for Carrie.  And then the day after Mother's Day arrives and I get a little mopey. :)  But I did see a cute little bunny rabbit munching on grass today when I was out running, so that helped.

We're off to the doctor shortly, where the doctor will again say something about me taking my happy pills for at least 6-8 more months and I will sit quietly and nod and think "you are not taking these away from me in 6-8 months, no way, no how."  Maybe I'll be better by then though and won't still feel this way. My therapist is lovely, but I haven't made enough progress on that front to be willing to brave it without some chemical help for my brain.

Switching topics a bit... we had a lovely weekend! My 5K race went well and I was even faster than usual.  So much so that Daniel and the kids were off drinking hot chocolate and not at the finish line when I arrived, so once again I avoided photos of me at the end of the race. I NEVER want to see a photo of myself post-run.  The thought horrifies me. I lived in the South for 10 years and I still believe that proper ladies do not sweat.  I do have to turn off that part of my brain when I exercise, but I can manage that. I cannot deal with photographic evidence. 
And Daniel graciously took the kids out alone for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday and I got a break and got the house cleaned and the laundry done and even made some progress on my photo scrapbooks and it was fabulous.  Exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day. I really, really like getting things checked off my to-do list without a certain pair of little people immediately undoing my chores again. 

This is actually a nice sibling hug. Even though it doesn't look like it in the photo :) 

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend as well. Belated Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day is coming!

Mother's Day is coming! We're going to be busy on Saturday with the 5K and then I've requested pizza for dinner that night (as if I run fast enough or burn enough calories to justify pizza consumption...). But other than that, I'm not sure what's going on. We're doing the 3-year-old Sunday School class this month, so I'll get to spend Mother's Day morning with other people's small people! (Yes, I need an attitude adjustment about that).

I told Daniel what I wanted for Mother's Day, and I could tell that he was trying hard not to judge me. Because what I really really want is for the three of them to just GO AWAY for a couple of hours.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my family. Truly. But we do everything together. Every weekend we run errands together. We go to the park together. We go out to eat together.  And when we're home, we're in our three room house, so we're always together here too.

And every single day, I'm dealing with Miss Clingy Pants.  Ethan never had a clingy phase or a bit of separation anxiety. So we're still confused by Vivian. She wants to be with us, usually touching me, 24/7. Yes, she still sleeps with us. And I'm with her all day. Nap time and when I go running are my only breaks from her. This is another case of "thank goodness she's so darned cute!"

So I really think everyone could do with a few hours break. I need the chance to miss my family a little bit. I totally cracked up last night when we were watching "The Middle" and the mom got a Sunday alone as her Mother's Day gift. She spent the whole time fixing things and cleaning and not relaxing. SO true.  I actually wouldn't mind that- it would be nice to clean without my helpers following behind and messing things up again :)

I know that 15 years from now I'm probably going to be sitting around being sad that the kids are too busy to spend Mother's Day with me.  I do try to appreciate these days, really. But I think this year I could appreciate them a bit more if I get a moment or two of distance.

I did get a wonderful early Mother's Day gift today- Ethan came home from school with this pretty pot that he'd painted and planted with yellow flowers (his favorite color).  Seriously- I still can't believe I have a kid old enough to bring home school projects!!

I love this picture- Vivian was standing in front of the camera, so her tummy is prominent in the photo :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A must-read devotion for moms

I so, so needed to read this devotion from Proverbs 31 Woman today.  I felt like the author was inside my brain, and was really encouraged by her words. If you're feeling challenged by motherhood this week, definitely check it out!