Friday, April 29, 2011

Thinking happy wedding thoughts

I'm in a wedding mood today- thanks in part to the beautiful royal wedding today, and also thanks to the fact that my best friend got engaged last week, and she's coming over tomorrow, so I get to see her ring and make happy squeally noises of excitement about the upcoming wedding. I'm kind of funny about weddings- I never cared even a bit before my own. I was actually a difficult bride because I cared so little.  No opinions on much of anything.  But now I like weddings and bridal magazines and all the stuff. Being happily married does that to a person, I suppose.

Yesterday I prepared to watch the royal wedding by buying a fancy little cake and mimosa makings. And by doing this photo shoot with the kids:

Ethan was happy with the tiara until about 1 second before the auto-timer counted down

A big tiara fan
I used to inform people that I was the empress of the universe. I'm not sure how that got started, but it continued for a lot of college and all of grad school. What can I say, I'm a little quirky sometimes. So one of my friends gave me this pink tiara and I break it out every now and again. Yesterday seemed a good occasion.

Anyway, I went to bed early last night, but 2:30 is still very early, so when I woke up I wasn't even vaguely interested in my snacks or mimosa. Still, it was great fun to watch the arrivals (the hats! Oh my goodness!) and tweet my opinions and see what everyone else had to say. I thought the wedding was beautiful and romantic and sweet and it was totally worth getting up for. 

Now I have a busy Saturday to get ready for- we're having friends from my former church and our current church over for tapas (and cupcakes, in case the tapas are a disaster) in the afternoon.  And Ethan has his first school-friend party in the morning. It's a wild and crazy Saturday!!!

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